La Brea Recap: Three's Company — Plus, Who Is Keeping a Secret?

This week on NBC’s La Brea, happy (sometimes-awkward) reunions were in good supply, all as someone in the clearing was revealed to be keeping a very big, tall, shiny, glass-and-steel secret.

Watching the promo at the end of last week’s episode, I was a bit shocked to see 1) that Gavin would reunite with Eve so quickly, and 2) NBC go ahead and spoil that big moment. Surely someone else out there thought there’d be at least a week or two or near misses and such, as Gavin, Eve and Levi were held prisoner by the Exiles.

But nope, Gavin was barely there a minute — and Eve and Levi had barely cooled down from their overnight… cuddling? — when he spotted his estranged wife from across the outside work area, and waved her over for a reunion. Interestingly, Gavin didn’t blurt out that daughter Izzy sinkhole’d with him (perhaps a writer told him it’d be better saved for the final act), and he and Eve were quickly joined by an equally astonished Levi, who gave his old pal a big hug.

Veritably unbothered by anyone (quite the lunch hour they get!), Gavin, Eve and Levi compared notes on escape plans, with Gavin proffering the may to a a back exit that his grandpappy gave him, and Eve/Levi giving serious side-eye to any Silas help. As such, the three decided to proceed with Eve and Levi’s in-the-works plan, to distract the guards with a cohort’s fake heart attack, and then get to (very easily) clobbering the goons on their way to the outside. Alas, no one involved apparently had watched the previous episodes that very clearly established that many guards stood posts on the ridge outside the mine, and they done all got caught. Gavin stepped up and claimed the escape was his idea, so as to claim the brunt of the punishment/let the others get back to “this rock”-collecting.

After a beaten Gavin was returned to the others, Levi saw an opportunity to enact Plan B, when all of the guards were summoned to one of the tunnels. Again, a grunt or three were easily bested, as Levi, Eve and a wounded/limping Gavin headed for the exit. And though they ultimately ran into the quarry’s boss (I couldn’t make out his name without CC), Levi clocked him good, and the three fled for the clearing.

Not far from their destination, Gavin looped on Eve — a bit overdramatically, IYAM — that Izzy had come with him, and Eve sprinted for the clearing, bellowing her daughter’s name. Izzy rejoiced in kind, and after dashing what comically felt like a football field’s length towards each other, mom and daughter tearfully reunited.

Elsewhere in Season 2, Episode 3:

So, Scott had returned to the clearing, only to reveal nothing about where Aldridge had taken him. Instead, he lied that he and Rebecca hung out for a couple days, before she did an Irish good-bye. Hmmm. Later, after Paara & Co. reclaimed their gift of food (since ex!-boyfriend Ty had let Silas leave with Gavin on a mission), Scott joined Lucas and Veronica on a plot to steal back all those taaaasty vegetables. Yet once inside the fort, Scott faked a twisted ankle, then slipped off to a specific hut to rummage around for a metal key card engraved with the name LAZARUS on it. Scott later met up with Aldridge and turned over the key card, which she said will allow them entry into the tower, since their first attempt was a bust. (Did I miss a scene…?)  Scott begged to not keep their secret anymore, but Aldridge said it was for the greater good yada yada. Aldridge suggested she could get Josh and Riley back, but had a conspicuous reaction to Scott mentioning that Gavin aka grown-up Isaiah was now in 10,000 B.C.

Speaking of Josh and Riley, they are doing A-OK, we can only guess. No 1988 action this week.

What did you think of “The Great Escape”?

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