Lorraine Kelly says Lockerbie plane crash was like ‘set of a disaster movie’

Lorraine Kelly has relived the moment she visited the scene of the Lockerbie plane crash site as a reporter for a new ITV documentary.

After a bomb detonated on the aircraft and it crashed in a field in the small town on December 21, 1988, the telly host, 63, was one of the first reporters on the scene. She has opened up about her harrowing experience after revisiting the disaster, which killed all 259 passengers and 11 of Lockerbie’s residents.

Lorraine, who was working for breakfast television station TV-am at the time, said she could only do her job “because it felt so utterly unreal,” and “it was like the set of a disaster movie.” Discussing the programme, the host said: “We must never forget that 270 people were murdered in one of the worst terrorist atrocity ever carried out in Europe.

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“While the world moved on, people in Lockerbie had to stay and deal with the aftermath.” She added: “I stood at its edge while it was still smouldering and billowing smoke, as the exhausted rescue services searched in vain for people to save.

"All they could do that night, and in the days to come, was locate and recover the bodies of all of the dead.” She asked: "How did that community manage to heal? I returned to discover that it was thanks to the strong bonds forged between local people and the bereaved.

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In the new show Lorraine speaks to locals to see how the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 still affects them. The documentary, Return To Lockerbie With Lorraine Kelly, will be shown on ITV1 on November 15.

Lorraine previously admitted she can "still see the bodies" of the victims. She told The Daily Star on Sunday: "I do sometimes get flashbacks. I still see the bodies.”

"We got right up to the nose of the plane in the field. We were there before the police had put barriers up. It was terrible. There were lots of bodies, some of them were still in their seats. It was awful."

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