Lorraine sparks uproar for ‘speaking over’ Brendan Fraser

Lorraine Kelly asks Brendan Fraser about being a 'survivor'

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However, just moments after Brendan took his seat on the ITV show, viewers at home were left less than impressed with Lorraine Kelly’s interview technique. Lorraine probed Brendan on his career as a whole as well as being a “survivor” after speaking out on alleged sexual assault. However, Lorraine was accused of interrupting and talking over the Oscar nominee, prompting an outpouring of furious reactions.

In one instance during the interview after Brendan had opened up about The Whale, Lorraine turned her attention to his past.

She said: “You had a really horrible experience, an awful experience when you were much younger and again, you bounced back from that.”

Brendan stayed quiet as he nodded his head before Lorraine continued: “You know, there’s a real vulnerability in that about you, you’re a strong, strong man.”

“You’re very kind to say,” Brendan replied before Lorraine went on: “It’s true.

“And you’ve managed to do incredible things,” she continued before moving straight to her next question.

“What’s it been like – because everybody… as soon as I said I was going to be talking to you, everyone (said),’ Oh, I love him. Oh, he’s wonderful.’

“Nobody’s got a bad word to say about (and) that doesn’t happen in Hollywood-land.”

Brendan let out a slight chuckle before he was able to answer: “And that’s why we’re in the UK right now.”

Lorraine laughed before she picked up her trail of thought: “It just doesn’t. What do you put that down to?

“Being able to be a survivor, being able to forgive and just being able to go on and do the best work you’ve ever done?”

Brendan candidly replied: “Straight up, I’ve got three kids. I know what it means to have all the love I’ll ever need in my life. 

“And I don’t have anything to prove so I’m keen to just make work that I think will reach people in a meaningful way.”

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Lorraine quickly agreed before swiftly moving on to her next question.

But the way the ITV host conducted the interview left a lot to be desired among some viewers.

Taking to Twitter, Lorraine viewer @RyanJackMum fumed: “SHUT. UP. Let him talk #Lorraine.”

While @mrgrandan agreed: “@lorraine honestly, why do you never let anyone actually speak? It’s not all about you !? PLEASE! #Lorraine #GMB #BrendanFraser #TheWhale #Oscars2023.”

This was echoed by @kikisue64 who weighed in: “Let him talk ffs!…stop talking #lorraine.”

Michelle also raged: “@lorraine @itv I was so looking forward to seeing Brendan Fraser this morning, yet all I heard was Lorraine chuntering on. Poor bloke couldn’t get a word in edgeways. Felt embarrassed for him.”

And @FlopsyPickle was similarly disappointed: “It’s a shame Lorraine ruined that interview by constantly interrupting and talking over him. Brendan had some really interesting things to say but you just can’t live without hearing your voice can you @lorraine? #Lorraine.”

However, others were quick to simply praise Brendan for his demeanour and candour during the interview.

Twitter user @CharlieJMUA praised: “Just another Brendan Fraser appreciation tweet. He’s a beautiful man. Inside and out. I love him. #lorraine.” (sic)

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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