Love Island fans warn Lana to ‘run’ as Ron admits being a player

Love Island: New bombshell Ellie introduces herself to Ron

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Since the ITV reality dating show started, it seemed as though couple Ron Hall and Lana Jenkins were a solid pairing. However, after 22-year-old Sammie Elishi entered the villa the financial advisor didn’t hold back in letting the boys know he could be swayed by the new bombshell.

This hasn’t been the first time Ron has slightly strayed from Lana since the dating show began as his attention was briefly diverted to previous bombshell Ellie Spence.

However, he decided to stick it out with Lana as the dup decided to carry on exploring the connection they’d already formed.

Although when Sammie entered on Sunday evening, Ron was quick to tell the other boys in the villa the brunette babe was his type on paper.

Speaking to the newest arrival, he made it known that he wasn’t completely closed off to getting to know other people, despite being in Lana’s good books following the Ellie situation.

When the boys were discussing the new addition, fellow islander Shaq Muhamed told the 25-year-old he was worried for him and what this could mean for him and Lana.

Ron replied: “Yes, the temptation is there, she is 100% my type, and do I want to get into trouble with Lana again? I don’t think so, it’s just about temptation.”

However, when speaking about Sammie with Kai Fagan, the two boys confessed they’d pull the bombshell for a chat that evening as they laughed while calling each other players.

After watching Ron’s behaviour, many fans were left unimpressed as they warn Lana to run from the boy she was pursuing.

Pullyou4achat commented: “RON JUST CALLED HIMSELF A PLAYER OUT LOUD. I genuinely think he forgot this was being filmed.”

AlyssaMoonsamy added: “Ron just admitted he’s a player. Lana needs to RUNNNNN”

Kerwick_robyn said: “Not Ron & Kai taking pride in being players?”

EARNER1 tweeted: “Ron proud of being a player?”

Queenbletti said: “So Ron agrees that he and Kai are players, run Lana and Tanyel run”


Elsewhere in the villa, drama is unfolding for Tom Clare after he secretly shared a kiss with Ellie Spence on the terrace.

After Ron snubbed her, the blonde bombshell set her sights on Tom, who already had Zara Ghouri and Olivia Hawkins fighting for his attention

Calling things off with Zara following the love triangle, Olivia made it known to the islanders that she wanted Tom’s sole attention now he was a “single” man.

Although things took an unexpected turn when Ellie stole a kiss from him and confided in farmer Will about the situation.

However, unable to keep the secret to himself, the information got back to Zara during Monday night’s episode who was left reeling at his swift action.

With Olivia unaware of the situation, Zara stormed off to the terrace to spill the beans on the boy they both liked and what he’s been up to.

Love Island continues weekdays on ITV and ITV from 9pm

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