Love Island in new bullying row as viewers slam producers for not stepping in after 'disgusting' scenes | The Sun

LOVE Island fans have demanded show bosses put "welfare over entertainment" and make a shock intervention.

Their fury was sparked during Love Island's most explosive row ever which saw footballer Scott Van Der Sluis and Mitchel Taylor let rip.

The Love Island stars gathered in the garden to take part in this year's Grafties.

Mitch took to the stage when he was voted winner of 'mad moves' after he told ex Abi Moores that he wanted to be with her over Ella B.

The gas engineer went up and picked up his award and said: "Of course it was. Mad moves, we've all had them. Mainly me in this villa.

"But I'm proud to get my second award tonight, guys. It means a lot. Not the best award to have."

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A lengthy dialogue ensued which resulted in Scott branding Mitch a "f**king k******d."

As they traded blows Abi – at the centre of the drama – tried to make the peace.

She appeared confused when she asked Mitch: "Why are you saying that?"

Mitch then replied: "I'll say what I want."

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Later on, she became increasingly sad as she said: "Why are you trying to start something Mitch?

"You don't need to."

After cameras captured her with her head in her hands she said: "It's unnecessary Mitch, coming from you."

Fans were quick to react on X – formerly known as Twitter and demanded show bosses intervene.

One wrote: "Are the producers okay? Why are they letting Mitch bully Abi like this?!"

A second put: "It’s a hard watch tbh. Mitch is a bully and bullying Abi on tv and the producers are letting it happen!"

A third then wrote: "The producers have allowed Mitch to bully Abi for this long. It is disgusting. Let him leave."

Another wrote: "To put it bluntly, three people have died from Love Island and the producers haven’t learnt nothing. Allowing Mitch to constantly bully Abi is disgusting. What’s it gonna take for you to finally put welfare over entertainment."

One then surmised: "Haven’t the producers seen enough of what happens when peoples mental health suffers from this show . Someone make sure Abi's ok because Mitch is a bully."

In his full acceptance speech, Mitch said: "I'd like to apologise to Abi and Ella B. It's not the man I am. I'm a better man now.

"Obviously got this beautiful girl sat at my table and I'm bringing another trophy home. It's mad moves.

"Anyone wanna add anything else to the mad moves or forever hold your peace…

"No? That's what I thought."

Scott chimed in: "Sit down."

An unhappy Mitch replied: "Bro, shut up."

Scott said back: "Has anyone ever told you you sound like a f***ing d***head?"

The rest of the Islanders were left lost for words.

Mitch said: "I'm just chilling here, being honest."

He then pointed at Scott and said: "This boy isn't. That's all.

"One, two, three, four, five, get back to our real relationships, yeah. Am I wrong?"

Mitch was originally coupled up with Abi and things seemed to be going from strength to strength.

They went through a bit of a rough patch when she said that she wanted to get to know Scott when he arrived as a bombshell.

The pair got over that, but then Mitch started to get to know Ella B after she arrived in the villa.

Mitch then kept going back and fourth with who he wanted to be with.

This has meant that Mitch and Abi have argued a fair bit in recent weeks over how he has acted.

Previously fans have dubbed the gas engineer a "walking red flag."

It came after the Sheffield lad Mitch's comments about his name being "brought up" in conversation during a separate discussion with Scott.

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Previously Mitch has been branded "TV's biggest stalker" in a conversation which was edited out of villa life.

Fellow show star Andre Furtado said Mitch reminded him of serial killer Joe Goldberg from hit Netflix drama You.

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