Former Love Island bombshell Jay Younger has questioned at current islander Luca Bish in a cryptic tweet urging Luca to reveal his true feelings for dancer Tasha Ghouri.

Despite Luca receiving bulling accusations over his treatment of Tasha in recent episodes, Jay has hinted that Luca may actually fancy Tasha.

People have speculated the real reason behind Luca's nastiness towards Tasha, but ex-islander Jay has his own theory, taking to Twitter he wrote: "Luca, do you fancy Tasha?"

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Fans flooded his comments with messages of agreement. One responded: "He's just bitter she rejected him in week 1."

A second added: "Also remember he said “everyone who’s pied me I’ve pied” something like that."

"Well, yes. She pied him in like… week 1? Then he’s had a bug up his a** about her and Andrew ever since," another replied.

Jay's tweeted was liked over 20 thousand times by fans clearly in agreement on the theory.

Luca targeting Tasha was made clear during the infamous Mad Movies challenge, which saw islanders watching unseen clips of themselves in previous episodes.

After a clip showed Tasha and Billy cracking on, Luca could be seen encouraging a calm and unbothered Andrew to react.

Another clip that showed Luca 'egging' Andrew Le Page and Dami Hope on to cheat on their partners during Casa Amor, Luca laughed his actions off, shouting "Tasha Who?" as scene of Andrew and Coco Lodge kissing were aired.

Labelled as a "wind-up" and a "bully," Luca came under fire from fans outraged at his constant slating of Tasha, which only continued into the next challenge Snog, Marry, Pie.

Luca, teamed up with Dami, chose to pie Tasha, but took the light-hearted game further by adding nasty comments to justify their decision, enraging fans who dubbed them the "bullies of the villa."

Even fellow islanders agreed Luca and Dami had taken things too far, causing the boys to apologise to Tasha, but fans believe this was manufactured by producers who had 'had a word' about bullying claims.

Another fan took to twitter to add context to Jay's idea, adding: "Are we all forgetting Luca had a thing for Tasha in the beginning?!?! Truly think he resents her because she picked Andrew over him, just look how he’s treating Gemma for billy breathing in her direction #loveisland."

At the start of the show, Luca showed an interest in Tasha but found it difficult to crack on with her whilst being coupled up with Paige, who had also taken a liking to him. Tasha eventually shut him down to pursue Andrew instead.

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