Love Island’s Zara dumped from the villa in brutal recoupling

Love Island: Zara eliminated after recoupling

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On Tuesday, Love Island ended on a cliffhanger after all the Islanders were told there would be a recoupling where the boys get to pick which girl they’d like to pair up with. Tom was originally paired up with Zara but decided to choose Ellie instead leaving the former without a partner and a place in the villa.

The latest instalment began with all the Islanders gathered around the fire pit for the recoupling.

Shaq, who has been coupled up with Tanya since the beginning, unsurprisingly chose to stay in the same pairing.

Will decided to stick with his partner Jessie but Kai picked newcomer Samie.

However, Ron, who was originally paired with Ellie, opted for Tanyel.

Spencer chose Olivia over his previous Islander Olivia while Aaron picked Lana.

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Tom, who was in a pairing with Zara, was the final Islander to pick and chose Ellie.

Zara was gracious in her exit and told her fellow Islanders not to worry that she had to leave.

Olivia, who has been locked in a feud with Zara, also expressed her sadness at her nemesis going.

Speaking about her exit, Zara revealed that she never felt “on the same page” as Tom.

“I genuinely think me and Tom calling it a day was the best thing that we could have done because we weren’t ever actually on the same page,” she said.

“Like a flame, we burned quick, and it was just more physical attraction. The fact we weren’t each other’s types intrigued us to try and make a go of it, but ultimately it didn’t work out.”

Opening up on her friendships in the villa, Zara continued: “I got on with everybody, but definitely Tanya and Tanyel [the most].

“They got me and really took the time to understand me. Shaq too, me and him got on like a house on fire! Everyone was lovely but those guys stood out for me.”

The departed Islander named Will and Jessie and Tanya and Shaq as the couples she’ll think will go the distance.

Love Island viewers were furious with the outcome as Saimasulemann tweeted: “Zara the best girl going home isn’t that fantastic FFS #LoveIsland.”

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“Zara leaving before any of them men isn’t right #LoveIsland,” Jpgmfia wrote.

Jmulaann warned: “Nah Tom you will be going home soon I promise you !!! #LoveIsland.”

“We were robbed of the Olivia and Zara friendship ark #LoveIsland,” Faithfull_ella suggested.

Bombshell Sammie’s arrival caused a stir in the recoupling and some of the Islanders had some opinions on her reaction to the choices made.

Tanyel remarked: “Sammie’s a little bit disappointed, she wanted you.”

“I know, I saw it in her face,” Ron replied.

Later in the programme, viewers are introduced to two new bombshells.

As the Islanders catch up in the bedroom the girls receive a text, it reads: “Girls, head downstairs, get glam and grab a mimosa as Casey and Jordan are waiting for you at the pool #FreshMeat #MorningGlory.”

As they arrived, Casey said: “What I’m bringing to the Villa? Blue eyes, a cheeky smile and a lot better chat than the other lads. I’ve definitely got my eyes on a few girls in the Villa.”

Jordan added: “I think the other boys in the Villa should be worried about me because everyone’s up for grabs.”

Love Island continues on ITV2 on Thursday at 9pm.

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