MAFS groom told ‘go back to the 1950s’ after ‘sexist’ comments on show

Married At First Sight groom Terence Edwards has been slammed by fans and told to “go back to the 1950s” after he revealed how he would like life to be with his new wife.

On Monday night’s episode, 25 September, Terence was paired with Porscha Pernnelle and the couple appeared to be a good match at first before they clashed on their hugely opposing lifestyles.

It appears their marriage might be on rocky ground as Terence expressed his strong views on how he wants his new wife to behave, with fans labelling the groom as “misogynistic”.

The groom said: “I definitely want to be the provider, I think it's important for the man to be the man, to go out there and provide for your family.

“And for my wife, I'll need her to look after the house, look after the kids, and make me feel good when I come in from work.”

Fans flooded X, formally known as Twitter, to hit back at the reality star. One fan penned: “I need my wife to look after the house and the kids' Get back on ya dinosaur Terence fs,” while another said: “Terence wants a housewife? Misogynistic piggy”.

A third added: “Has he been trapped in the 1950’s ffs”, while another said: “I dunno what the MAFS “experts” THOUGHT they were doing matching Terence and Porscha but at least it’ll be good viewing for the next few weeks”.

This came after fans took a swipe at the show experts and said they “don’t have a clue” after pairing Terence with Porscha, given their opposing lifestyles.

Terence works as a DJ and revealed earlier in the week that he is away in London working most weekends and doesn’t get home until “four” or “five” in the morning.

The groom then said to the camera: “Porscha's not a party girl, she's sleeping by 11 o'clock. I'm thinking, 'Is this really going to work?”

Porscha on the other hand doesn’t drink alcohol and explained that her “relationship with Jesus and God” is important to her and that she loves being at home and spending time with her family.

One viewer said on social media: “These experts are wicked. Why would they match Porsha with Terence knowing he loves to party and she loves to bible study and sleep by 11pm?!”, while another penned: “The experts don’t have a clue. Matching a 40 year old ‘DJ’ and party boy with a woman who wants a conservative quiet family style relationship…they don’t have a clue what they’re doing”.

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