MAFS star Rozz admits she worries she’s ‘damaged goods’ after dumping Thomas: ‘I ruined it’

Married at First Sight star Rozz Darlington has opened up on her heartbreaking decision to ditch her husband Thomas Kriaras, as the emotional scenes aired on the E4 show this week.

“With me it’s fight or flight,” says the 28-year-old florist, who had millions of viewers in tears when she dramatically told her TV husband that there was no future in their relationship, “and it basically the happened with the homestay visits.

“Up until that point we’d lived in this bubble as part of the experiment,” she revealed in in an exclusive interview with OK!, “then at Thomas’s house, his mum was like, ‘Children…’ and I was like, ‘wooooaah there.’

“And then the second I walked into my house reality struck, I freaked out and all my previous insecurities re-appeared.

“Suddenly I was like, ‘Is Tom not the one for me?’ ‘Why am I feeling like this?’ ‘I don’t know if I can do it without the experts,’ and my mind went into overdrive. I spent the night crying in bed and knew that I just had to tell him.

“I just think in that moment I wobbled, then my head rolled, and I bolted. The stable door was open, and I just bolted.”

Dumping Tom was, ‘absolutely horrible,’ says Rozz, who was previously dumped by her ex, after four and half years in a dysfunctional relationship.

“I was crying non-stop, and Tom was in total shock, but I just had to tell him that my heart wasn’t totally in it, and to continue wouldn’t have been fair.

“Going home made me realise that Tom wasn’t paramount in my thoughts.

“I was homesick, engrossed in seeing my dogs and sort of forgot about Tom a little bit, but I was still paramount in his thoughts and that’s not okay.

“I was in a long relationship where I wasn’t paramount in my ex’s thoughts and there’s no way I was going to let that happen with Tom as he deserves to be paramount.”

Since the split, which was actually filmed six months ago, Rozz and Tom have rebuilt their friendship and now have a, ‘beautiful,’ platonic relationship.

“I saw him this week when we filmed the reunion show, which was difficult as we had to re-live the breakup, as it’s been on TV this week, so there were tears.

“But there were cuddles too and we absolutely do love and respect each other and have a beautiful, amazing friendship and we’ve both grown hugely as people through the experiment.

“I love being around Tom as a friend and he’s grown enormously, including some new muscles.

“Do I still fancy him? He did look good, but it’s not about the exterior.

“It’s about what’s in the heart and I wish him all the happiness in the world and if I could find him the most perfect person in the world, I would as he deserves that.”

Rozz has also had a to develop a thick skin this week after trolls attacked her viciously on social media for dumping Tom.

“I’ve had to turn my phone off it’s got so bad,” says Rozz, whose DMs have been flooded with vitriolic messages.

“People have said I’m a cruel b***h and that I’m trash, and that I’m a disingenuous fake just seeking Instagram followers, but all I’ve done is be honest and open and vulnerable about my feelings.

“I even had one troll who messaged me saying, ‘Babe, your eyes are in different postcodes,’ and included a link for me to click on saying, ‘you need to go to the doctors.’ What is wrong with some people?”

“As for me, of course a bit of me thinks, ‘Thomas is lovely, and I ruined it. Am I damaged goods? Will this happen again in the future?

“But I truly believe that if my heart is 100% fully committed then these doubts will disappear, so for now I’m just happy to wait, unless Ryan Gosling or Chris Hughes comes along.

“I’m not seeking anyone. I’m not looking. I'm just concentrating on me for now. On rebuilding me. And I think when I'm the best version of myself, someone will just organically bump into me. Maybe we’ll grab the same apple in the supermarket and that will be that.

“When it’s meant to be it will be.”

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