MAFS UK wedding gets off to bad start as groom makes horror wardrobe blunder
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    Married At First Sight will make for awkward viewing tonight as a wardrobe blunder will cause havoc for the last remaining couple.

    The popular E4 show has kept viewers hooked over the last few weeks, as strangers make the major decision of marrying a stranger. But as most of the couples have now settled into married life, only one pair remains.

    In Tuesday night's show, fashion lovers Mark and Sean will both walk down the aisle and hopefully say "I do". However, Mark will suffer a wardrobe blunder that will leave his emotions spiralling out of control.

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    In an exclusive clip from Tuesday's episode, Mark is seen preparing for his big day. Showing his family the outfit he plans to wear, Mark is initially all smiles.

    But his happy demeanour quickly turns sour when he realises he bought the wrong shirt along with him. Hoping to match his shirt with skull accessories and buttons, Mark is evidently livid when he understands that this can no longer be achieved.

    When members of Mark's family question his change of mood, he replies: "The button is not meant to be there, it's meant to be the skull ones." Pointing at the shirt, he then adds: "If I have to wear this, what's the point?

    "I wanted to stand out, and this is not gonna…I'm not wearing just that! I don't even want to start getting ready. This has really p****d me off," he fumes as he storms out of the room.

    Mark, who has been single for ten years, will eventually tie the knot with Sean. However, things will continue to go downhill as he will express that Sean is not the person he imagined.

    Talking candidly, he says: "I always thought I know what I want and this is not what I wanted. I just feel disappointment."

    Despite this, Sean feels completely opposite to Mark and tells him on the wedding day that he's happy with how the experts matched them. But later, when Mark discovers that Sean works in fast fashion, he is clearly taken aback once again.

    Married at First Sight UK airs Monday to Thursday on E4 at 9pm

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