Matt Tebbutt’s life off-screen in Welsh village where homes sell for £596,000

Many viewers will recognise Matt Tebbutt as the host of Saturday Kitchen and the Good Food channel’s Market Kitchen.

However, away from TV, the chef lives a quiet life in Monmouthshire with his wife Lisa and their two children Henry and Jessie.

Matt grew up in High Wycombe but moved to South Wales when he was just six months old. He moved to London when he was older to train as a chef and worked for Marco Pierre White at the Oak Room and Criterio.

He went on to run The Foxhunter in Nant-y-derry but gave it up in order to pursue a career in TV.

Away from his presenting duties, Matt and his family live in Llantilio Crossenny in Monmouthshire, in a large home with a stunning garden.

It is a traditional house with a large kitchen complete with range cooker and stainless steel sink.

The home also comes with a large shed which has a functioning kitchen and a large island – perfect for enjoying a sunny day with the family.

Llantilio Crossenny is a small village in the community of Whitecastle, southeast Wales and has a rich history.

As recently as 2015, metal detectorists unearthed an ace and a spear which were thought to be 3,000 years old.

For those looking to buy a property in Llantilio Crossenny, you'd expect to pay £596,007, according to Houses For Sale & To Rent.

While properties in Monmouthshire had an overall average price of £258,631 over the last year.

Family is incredibly important to Matt and just last month, he paused Saturday Kitchen when he received an emotional text from his daughter.

Jessie had been studying for her degree at Goldsmith's University in London and she had some exciting news for her dad.

As Saturday Kitchen came to an end, Matt went off script and told viewers: "I've just had a text from my daughter. Proud dad moment. She got a first at university.

"So well done Jess congratulations. […] Yeah sorry, I have just taken over TV for my own gain. Right, let's get back to the script."

Matt previously opened to the Daily Express about parenting and spending time with his children.

He shared: "My daughter is now at University in London, so we get to meet up pretty often… usually over a long lunch.

"I've entered a new phase of parenthood where we get to do grown-up adult things like that which is amazing."

Saturday Kitchen airs on BBC One at 10am.

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