'NCIS' Star Wilmer Valderrama Took a Big Risk on Amanda Pacheco's Engagement Ring

Wilmer Valderrama and his long-time girlfriend Amanda Pacheco just announced they will be spending the rest of their lives together. Many fans were overjoyed about the news of their engagement and very happy that Valderrama had finally found his one true love.

While people are happy for Valderrama and Pacheco, they can’t help but be a little worried about the future of their relationship. So, what has fans so concerned about?

Well, it turns out the Pacheco’s style of the engagement ring doesn’t have the best reputation. Keep reading to find out what it is about Pacheco’s engagement ring that has many fans thinking that Valderrama took a huge risk.

What kind of engagement ring did Wilmer Valderrama give to Amanda Pacheco?

Valderrama celebrated the new year by proposing to his model girlfriend. On January 1st, the couple went to a beach in San Diego.

Valderrama and Pacheco were walking on the large rocks by the shoreline when the That ’70s Show star got down on one knee and asked Pacheco to be his wife. Pacheco, who had been dating Valderrama since April of last year, was quick to say yes. So far, the couple has not announced a date for the wedding.

The next day, Valderrama posted several pictures of the happy occasion, as well as a close-up picture of the ring. Many fans were impressed with the large pear-shaped diamond that Valderrama had picked out.

Recently, People had talked to professional jeweler Mary Frances Joseph, who had reviewed the pictures of the ring and said: “The diamond looks to be about four carats and would retail anywhere up to $100,00.” 

While that may not be the most expensive engagement ring that a celebrity has ever bought, it is still an incredibly beautiful and impressive ring.

Why do pear-shaped engagement rings have a bad reputation?

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Recently, there was a rumor going around that suggested that the pear-shaped diamond ring may be cursed. 

Cardi B was one of the first celebrities to bring back the pear-shaped diamond. When her now ex-husband, Offset, gave her a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring in 2017. Many fans thought that the ring was very beautiful.

Around the same time, Paris Hilton had also gotten engaged and was given a ring that looked almost identical. When Cardio B and Hilton ended things with their partners at around the same time, many fans were convinced that the pear-shaped diamond must be cursed.

However, since then, other celebrities like Kelly Dodd and Natalia Vodianova also have a similar-looking ring and their relationships seem to be better than ever. So, there doesn’t seem to be any truth to the “pear-shaped diamond curse” theory.

‘Sex and the City’ played a role in making the pear-shaped diamond unpopular

Back in the early 2000s, Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, had given the pear-shaped diamond ring a bad rap. On the show, her boyfriend was about to propose to her and she was horrified when she thought that he would be presenting her with a pear-cut diamond ring. Because of the show’s huge fan base, many people in the real world started to view the uniquely-shaped ring with the same horror that Bradshaw did.

However, Mary Frances Joseph says now that Sex and the City has been off of the air for almost two decades, the pear-diamonds are starting to make a comeback.

“It’s a new decade, and the stigma against pear-shaped diamonds promoted by Carrie Bradshaw back in 2001 is long gone,” Joseph said. “Brides continue to love unique, fancy-shaped diamonds like pears for their engagement rings, especially as they tend to look bigger and add some personality to their ring.”

What Joseph says definitely rings true. Nowadays, there are several celebrities that are sporting a pear diamond-shaped ring. This unique ring has gone from being stigmatized to being one of the most popular cuts of diamonds in just a few short years.

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