Netflix 's The Good Nurse tells the true story of a serial killer suspected of murdering up to 400 patients.

It will cover the pursuit and capture of Charles Cullen, famously titled The Angel of Death, after a nurse attempts to uncover the truth as suspicions rise around one medical professional.

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The movie in an adaptation from Charles Graber's book titled: The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder, and Eddie Redmayne will be playing Charlie Cullen.

He's joined by Jessica Chastain who plays the nurse who worked alongside Cullen to expose him and end the horror killing spree.

The trailer shows a sneak-peek into the harrowing movie which follows a nurse's attempt to expose her co-worker as a killer after the realisation that many patient deaths were connected.

After releasing the teaser on Netflix it has already amassed 1.2million views with fans already raving about the upcoming terrifying scenes.

One person wrote: "It absolutely sickens me to my stomach that someone who took an oath to save lives was running around murdering innocent patients. I hope he never sees the light of day again . The movie looks really good though."

Another added: "I had literally no idea this man was a thing right in my area! Idk why I never heard about this and I love a good true crime. Sickening to think it was all right here. This looks really good and of course Jessica Chastain is on point."

A third wrote: "0:22 The moment he opened his eyes, without even knowing the plot, I knew he was playing a psychopath. This is damn good acting."

A fourth said: "I full on gasped seeing Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain. It's going to be an incredible film. The look in his eyes already gave me chills."

The film will be released on Netflix worldwide on October 26, 2022, while some places will also have it in cinemas a week before the release date on October 19.

Production on the film began on April 21, 2021 and it was wrapped by June 25, 2021 and the film is now ready to be shared with the public.

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