Nigel Farage relives terrifing plane crash that left him ‘trapped in the wreckage’

Nigel Farage opened up about his terrifying plane crash as he underwent his final Bushtucker Trial.

The former politician, 59, who has made it to the final of 2023's I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! was trapped in a box which slowly filled up with more and more snakes during his final challenge.

When hosts Ant and Dec asked how he was getting on, Nigel shared that he was thinking of worst experiences he's had – namely his 2010 plane crash, sharing that he had been left "trapped in the wreckage."

He had previously opened up about this horrifying experience to fellow campmate Josie Gibson.

This Morning host Josie, 38, asked Nigel: "Did your life flash before your eyes?" He replied: “Do you know what I thought about? Women."

Shocked, Josie continued: "Women? Really? Which one you loved the most?". To which he replied: "All that stuff, yeah. Children obviously and just thought, ‘Let’s hope this is over quickly."

He then added: "Then it was bang, cartwheeling through the air and then stuck, upside down in the seat, everything broken, in a bad way.

"Then I thought, if I get through this it’ll be a miracle. After that, I never let little things annoy me."

Lasting injuries from the crash meant that Nigel was exempt from a number of trials during his stint in the I'm A Celeb jungle.

Ahead of the show, he was asked what he would be exempt from, he said: "Anything involving weightlifting, I'd be out.

"I've obviously had some quite serious physical injuries and neck reconstructions, and goodness knows what else. So they are fully aware that I'm a little bit damaged when it comes to bodily structure."

"But having said that, I can still do most things. I doubt any of the trials are actually going to kill me, although I don't think they'll all be a bag of fun. But look, I signed up for this. It's in for a penny in for a pound. So let's go."

Despite making it to the show's final, where he finished in third place, Nigel's participation in the show had caused a number of viewers to "boycott" the series.

Comedian Katherine Ryan was among those boycotting the show as she labelled the former UKIP leader "very dangerous."

There were also a number of Ofcom complaints about the former politician.

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