Nina Warhurst reveals struggles of breastfeeding and returning to BBC Breakfast in VERY frank video to fans | The Sun

NINA Warhurst has discussed the challenges of breastfeeding as well as returning to her BBC Breakfast job in a very candid video.

The news presenter welcomed her third child – daughter Nancy – back in July.

Since then, Nina, 43 has been on maternity leave from her job on BBC Breakfast.

Nina spoke to fans in a candid video in her Instagram stories, where she openly discussed her experience with breastfeeding and her plans to return to work.

She revealed that she's looking to get back to work in "a couple of months" when her daughter becomes six months old.

The news presenter said in the video: "So back at work in a couple of months, she will be six months. Same age as her brothers when I went back, but they were pretty much weaned at that point."

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She continued: "We are talking steak, egg, and chips at four months kind-of fellas. I don't think she will be. So it will be really nice to carry on feeding her."

Seeking some guidance, Nina turned to her fans and asked for their advice on which breast pump she should purchase to continue feeding her baby.

The BBC Breakfast host, said: "So the hours that I work, are very early, sort of mid-late morning where she would typically want a feed. So I will need a pump that is, A really efficient, B, portable because I go away a lot with work, and C one that just doesn't cost a million pounds."

Nina summed up her requirements as "efficient," "transportable," and "good value."

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She then explained how she's often told "don't rush back" to work, but she has to because of money.

Nina penned: "Also while I'm on here, a few people have said to me, 'oh don't rush back' and I understand the intentions are really good there, spend more time with your baby, but firstly, some people want to go back, that's up to them, that's totally fine."

Nina admitted that she has to work again to pay off her mortgage since her partner can't pay it on his own.

She concluded: "Secondly most people I know go back for financial reasons, and it's brilliant for people who have that pot of money or their partner pays the mortgage, to be able to extend it but that's not the case for me, or most of my female friends actually who have had children."

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