‘Not our friends!’ Widdecombe urges Boris to ‘start imposing sanctions’ on France

France seizes British boat amidst Brexit fishing row

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Former Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe has slammed France’s actions over the fishing rights dispute, saying that they are “not our friends, they always held a grudge”. It came after George Eustice warned retaliation against France if France goes ahead with the threat of stopping UK boats landing in its ports.

Speaking to GB news, Ann Widdecombe said: “The French are not our friends.

They’ve always held a grudge against us.

I don’t mean Mr. And Mrs. Ordinary French, I don’t think it applies there.

But certainly French politicians have never been our friends.”

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She went on: “They didn’t want us to join the European Union.

But the history is very long.

You know, we shelled their fleet immediately before the second world war because we didn’t want it impounded by the Nazis.

There was an argument over whether we deserted them in favour of our own troops at Dunkirk, and we didn’t give them a seat at the Yalta Conference.

Ms Widdecombe continued:  And so it goes on and on and on right back through this.

And there is undeniable tension and the fishing war is simply a symbol of that.

It’s not the cause of it. It’s a symbol of the tension that already exists.

I think we should simply say to the French ambassador, that if they don’t start behaving reasonably, we will start imposing sanctions that could lead to a trade war.”

She added: “And that is in nobody’s interest, not in Frances’ interest and not in Britain’s interest, not in the EU’s interest.”

The environment secretary has warned that “two can play at that game” if France goes ahead with these threats.

A British trawler was detained by France on Thursday.

French authorities said vessel, the Cornelis Gert Jan, did not have a licence.

This has been denied by its owner.

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