Passion confirmed for Brian and Mary in Coronation Street as he moves in?

Following Cathy’s (Melanie Hill) exit from Coronation Street, Brian Packham (Peter Gunn) was left feeling a little lonely.

He then occupied his mind by taking part in the local AmDram play and connected well with Mary (Patti Clare), who was very good at performing, might we add.

Over the festive period, Mary and Brian’s friendship started to develop.

One evening, left on her own for the carol singing, Mary was on the cobbles dressed up, somewhat saddened by the fact she wasn’t exactly spreading Christmas cheer.

However, to all of our surprises, Brian then arrived in his costume, ready to sing his heart out beside Mary.

Next week, Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) arrives and tells Brian that the flat needs rewiring so he’ll have to move out while the work is going on.

Mary politely tells Brian that he can sleep on the sofa at Eileen’s (Sue Cleaver) (as if they didn’t have enough lodgers!).

However, the chance of this friendship developing into something more hits a bump in the road, as Mary comes across the Gazette review of Roxanna, realising Brian wrote the entire review himself.

Feeling cheated, Mary whacks him around the head with the paper and tells him to find somewhere else to stay.


But can Brian make amends?

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