Power’s Tommy Egan and Brayden stars address feud

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The behind-the-scenes drama surrounding the latest instalments of Power’s new spin-offs has been just as compelling as the journeys of fans’ favourite TV gangsters. A few months after Book II: Ghost star Gianni Paolo made his feud with Tommy Egan icon Joseph Sikora public, the two Starz actors have finally appeared together to settle the score.

Ghost star Gianni has claimed his rivalry with long-running Power regular Joseph was a huge misunderstanding.

Earlier this year, footage emerged of Joseph refusing to shake the younger actor’s hand at 50 Cent’s Tycoon event in Houston, Texas.

Although Joseph claimed the pair reconciled backstage, Gianni hit back and accused the star of pulling similar stunts for years.

However, their feud has clearly dissipated enough for Joseph to make his long-awaited appearance on Gianni’s podcast with Ghost lead Michael Rainey Jr.

“Everything that happened was just a snowball of misinformation,” Gianni said at the end of The Crew Has It’s latest episode.

“I respect you so much as an actor, as an artist, I always have since day one that I met you.

“And we talked in that hallway, I just have nothing but admiration for you.”

Gianni admitted he wasn’t fully aware of Joseph’s impact on the Power franchise as he previously avoided watching the series to avoid comparing their two characters.

“When I watched Power – because I hadn’t seen any episodes beforehand, because if Tommy came in I would have reacted differently, I would have known too much,” he explained.

“I wanted to live in the reality of Brayden. But when I watched the show I was like, ‘This is one of the coolest characters.’”

The Ghost star went on to pay tribute to Joseph’s staggering portrayal of Tommy, which he has since reprised in the latest spin-off, Book IV: Force.

“I loved the way you played it,” Gianni added. “I respect your work so much. I’m glad that we really had a conversation.”

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“Because we never really… we had a conversation but we never really knew who each other was.”

Now the actor has come to know Joseph and his status within the series, the two have apparently become much better friends behind the scenes.

“I’m glad that happened, and it’s been great getting to know you these past couple of months, that people really haven’t seen,” Gianni continued.

“I’ve been doing the sly comments for fun, but me and Joe really squashed it. I kind of got to know who he was and who I was, and it really was a miscommunication more than anything.”

“So I wanted to give you your flowers as someone who built this, year one, one of the day-one people who built this universe. Thank you for everything you’ve done for this universe.”

Joseph replied sincerely: “I’m honoured to be a part of the same universe as you, Gianni. And Michael? You already know.”

Michael and Joseph are clearly already firm friends having starred in all six seasons of Power, and fans will be glad to know Gianni is also back in Joseph’s good books.

Power Book II: Ghost season 2 continues Mondays on Starz. Power Book IV: Force season 2 will be released in 2023. Power is available on Lionsgate+ via Prime Video in the UK.

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