Question of Sport viewers slam BBC for ‘murdering’ show’s format

Question of Sport: Paddy stunned at Sam Quek's incorrect answer

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Question of Sport viewers have vented their frustrations at the changes made to the BBC show. On Friday night fans of the sports quiz flocked to social media to share their annoyance at the amendments.

Paddy McGuinness returned to host the ninth episode of the new series of BBC’s flagship quiz on Friday night.

However, many viewers were unimpressed at the new rounds introduced by the channel.

Popeymon tweeted: “I have avoided Question of Sport since the changes. I’ve tuned in to see if it has improved. It hasn’t. They are murdering the format.”

Roberto added: “#QuestionofSport has truly been downgraded!! It’s painful!! Huge mistake of me questioning to watch it!”

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Keegan wrote: “What has happened to #QuestionofSport is really gone downhill unfortunately. Any chance of bringing them back.”

Leigh fumed: “Question of Sport has just started. Let’s see if it’s as shockingly poor as it was last time I watched it a few months ago.”

PJKeay reflected: “It hasn’t been good for a long while #questionofsport last couple of episodes seem to have had the quiz bit turned up slightly.”

However, fan Andy Gallagher was sticking by the show and simply wrote: “Love Question of Sport.”

The 52nd series sees Paddy McGuinness in the hot seat, with former England rugby union star Ugo Monye and Olympic gold medallist hockey player Sam Quek as the team captains.

One round asked contestants to guess an anagram of a sport’s tournament and another included guessing sportsperson’s surnames with themes of ‘things to use to disguise yourself’ and answers connected with glass.

Paddy replaced Sue Barker as host last year, as well as the new captains who took over from Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell.

Sue’s departure after hosting the show for 24 years upset many fans of the BBC show.

The presenting legend admitted she was “gobsmacked” with the network’s approach to her exit.

She explained in her book Calling The Shots: My Autobiography : “A few TV producer friends had seen the BBC tender document and couldn’t believe my name wasn’t on it.

“Apparently the BBC wanted to refresh the show — with more diversity and more appeal to a younger audience.

She added: “I was gobsmacked. How did they think I wasn’t going to hear about this?”

After a dispute with the network she asked the BBC to, “own their decision and declare publicly that they wanted to refresh the show”.

However, Sue admitted that she “couldn’t help but feel they didn’t want me anymore”.

At the time of the popular team’s departure, the BBC said: “We would like to thank Sue for her enormous contribution as the show’s longest reigning host over the last 24 years, and Matt and Phil for their excellent team captaincy.”

Question of Sport airs every Friday at 8pm on BBC Two

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