Ravi kills Nina to destroy sinister murder secrets in EastEnders?

After the recent shock on EastEnders when the police found Ranveer (Anil Goutam)’s body, the situation is getting extremely tense for the main players in this story in upcoming episodes.

Suki (Balvinder Sopal) believes she killed Ranveer, but did so in self-defence to stop him from raping her. Ravi (Aaron Thiara) knows that it was actually him who killed the man he believed to be his father, after Ranveer proved to be not as dead as Suki thought.

Meanwhile Ranveer’s wife Nina (Hersha Verity) was in the whole thing, as she and Ravi have a secret plan to get their hands on Ranveer’s money.

Suki was grateful of Ravi’s support when she was questioned by the police, so when Nish (Navin Chowdhry) revealed that Ravi is actually his son she eventually welcomed him into the family. As the Panesars reel from Nish’s bombshell, Kheerat (Jaz Singh Deol) uses it as an opportunity to offer an olive branch to Suki and make amends.

Meanwhile Nina is absolutely determined that Suki has to take the fall for Ranveer’s killing and tells the police that she and Ravi were together on the night Ranveer died, thus providing him with an alibi.

The police search Suki’s house, and Nina is worried they’ll find the incriminating video footage that Suki recorded on the night of Ranveer’s death, as she sought to expose him for the sex pest he was. She goes to the surgery to find the USB containing the footage.

Ravi belatedly decides that his loyalties lie with his new family, the Panesars. He exposes Nina as the one who is trying to implicate Suki with the police, saying that he and Nina are together and it was always their plan to kill Ranveer.

As Ravi is the only one who knows about the USB, and that it contains footage that could lead to him ending up in back prison for life, how far would he go to protect himself and the Panesars and stop Nina getting her hands on it?

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