Ricky Gervais slams the Kardashians as 'embarrassing' for £20k sponsored posts and tells them to donate to charity

RICKY Gervais has slammed celebrities, including the Kardashians, who accept crazy amounts of money to do sponsored posts on social media.

Ricky, 59, made the comments during a live periscope broadcast as he sipped on a BrewDog beer.

Joking that they could send him some free products, he laughed: "Shout out to BrewDog, if you want to send me some free stuff, feel free.

"No, no, don't do that! Send some to some nurses or charity workers, but not when they’re at work," he added.

"I keep getting offered these things, like proper mental money, to endorse tweets. I’d heard about it, like the Kardashians get £20,000 for sitting on a bench and going 'Oooooh I love this chocolate bar'.

"I’ve been offered that sort of thing and I’ve always said no because it’s sort of embarrassing. I want myself to be real."

The British comedian continued: "I don’t mind doing an advert where everyone knows I got paid, that’s the game.

But maybe I should just be honest to companies and say, 'go and give some money straight to charity'. Why don’t we just do that?"

BrewDog later went on to repost the clip on their Twitter account, commenting: "We didn’t have to pay for this publicity so we donated money to these charities instead @Nowzad @AllDogsMatter @[email protected] Cheers @rickygervais."

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