Robbie Williams admits ‘I love drugs’ as he has steroid injections during tour

Robbie Williams: Netflix documentary trailer

Robbie Williams admitted he “loves” drugs in a candid clip shown in his new Netflix documentary, Robbie Williams: Raw. Honest. Real.

When asked about his knee injury during a look-back clip from a tour, the former Take That star replied: “I have become 32 that’s what I have done to my knee.

“I think it’s wear and tear from the Take That days.

“We used to give our knees some punishment and I used to think at the back of my mind, ‘I’ll pay for that when I am older’ and then I used to think at the same time, ‘I’ll never be older’, but now I am older and my knee is f**ed, my groin has gone and my back occasionally flares up.”

As Robbie reflected on the footage, he commented to the camera: “Pretty quick into the tour you are f***ed, things that happen in the body are a result of what is happening in the mind and I think that it’s all stopping working just because of how I’m thinking.”

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As the footage cut back to a younger Robbie on tour, the singer went on to tell his personal assistant, Josie, that he was going to get a shot of steroids to help him through.

However, Josie was less than impressed and pleaded with the singer, telling him: “You don’t need it, you’re just tired, and last time it was terrible.”

“Josie don’t,” Robbie argued as she went on: “It makes you feel rubbish for days after.”

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“Come on, doctor,” Robbie said before adding: “Josie… away!”

He continued: “I love drugs, come on,” as his pal added: “If I wasn’t holding Mickey I would be with Josie on this.”

“I love drugs,” he repeated as Josie encouraged him to take some vitamins.

He told her: “For me, how far I have gone with my intake of stuff, that is like putting a bandaid on me losing my leg.”

In a trailer released for the upcoming series, Robbie looks pensive as he reflects on moments from his life in the public eye.

“It felt like I was giving more and more of myself away, to the point that you’re not somebody that you recognise,” he explained.

He went on: “Being in the spotlight, you can’t trust anybody.”

In a separate clip, he shares: “I was having a nervous mental breakdown in front of thousands of people…”

Robbie Williams: Raw. Honest. Real is set to land on Netflix on Wednesday, November 8.

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