Ruth Langsford leaves Loose Women panel in stitches as she jokingly runs off set

Ruth Langsford jokingly runs off set after 'noises' challenge

Ruth Langsford was forced to jokingly made a swift exit from the Loose Women studio on Tuesday after becoming annoyed.

The panelists on the ITV chatshow were discussing Misophonia, a condition in which sufferers become angry over certain everyday sounds.

Ruth admitted she suffered from the condition because noises make her “rage”.

Noises were played over the studio and Ruth couldn’t help but rise from her seat and run from the studio toward the audience

As sounds of people sniffing and eating bellowed over the studio, Janet Street-Porter began to explain why she hates hearing people make certain noises.

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“It’s terrible!” Janet began, “I was in an airport queue waiting for the plane and the man next to me was doing that every two minutes.

“I actually had to lose my place in the queue! I couldn’t stand it.”

Ruth continued: “Right, so then what about if you put all those noises together?”

The studio was then forced to hear sounds of eating licking and sniffing being played all together.

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While Coleen, Brenda, and Janet couldn’t stop laughing, Ruth simply got up from her seat and walked away.

The presenter ran towards the audience, laughing, as the irritating sounds continued to play out.

“Oh gosh,” Janet commented as Ruth took her seat again.

“But it can, it can send people into a rage,” Ruth explained. “I mean it can be very, very serious.”

“Yeah, it’s loud noises that will set me off,” Coleen agreed.

However, Coleen had earlier explained she doesn’t seem to be as affected by the condition as the others.

Ruth went on to add her husband Eamonn Holmes had pointed out that she overreacts to noises and shared an anecdote of being on a train close to a man fiddling with a polystyrene cup and confessed she snapped at him to stop.

Thankfully, Janet knew exactly what she meant and explained she also gets irritated by noises.

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV.

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