SAS Who Dares Wins in talks about kids’ version after celebrity special, reveals star Ollie Ollerton – The Sun

CELEBRITY SAS star Ollie Ollerton says the Channel 4 show is in talks about doing a kids' special – but swearing would have to be banned.

The Special Forces officer joked there would be "more bleeps than words" in an exclusive interview with The Sun Online.

He said: "We have talked about that in different formats.

"There has been talks about that but I don't think they'd change the format of Celebrity SAS.

"There is definitely space for a similar kind of thing for kids. I don't know how Ant would get on with the swearing. There would be more bleeps than words."

The show’s chief instructor Ant Middleton and his directing staff have been putting intense pressure on a whole host of new celebrities for latest series.

They've been facing their biggest fears on the freezing cold Scottish island of Raasay – but Ollie says they're looking for warmer locations in the future.

"The UK will be wanting to film the next SAS: Who Dares Wins [after lockdown].

"We are doing a version for Australia, or we were, hopefully that is going to get renegotiated. It should be going forward.

"I think to be honest we are pushing for somewhere warm next time, so that would be a preference for sure."

Asked if the weather makes a difference to the recruits, Ollie added: "I think you can operate a lot longer in the heat but when you become cold, you become insular and selfish and it brings out your true character very quickly. The cold is a lot harsher.

"I think I'd like to go somewhere like Bora Bora, French Polynesia.

"But I do like the jungle. The jungle is the real test. the jungle is trying to kill you. The little scratches turn into an infection."

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