She looks shattered: Lorraine Kelly shares concern for Princess Anne

Princess Anne ‘looks shattered’ says Lorraine

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Princess Anne joined her siblings King Charles III, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward as part of the mourning ceremony for her mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II. However, after a couple of days of public appearances, Lorraine Kelly shared her concern on Tuesday’s episode of her ITV show . The pair chatted ahead of the Queen’s coffin travelling to Buckingham Palace for more public opportunities to pay their respect.

Lorraine told Russel Myers she’s worried the toll of the public service may be taking it out of Anne.

She said: “The person that’s really struck me and really been at the heart of all this is Princess Royal Princess Anne.

“She looks absolutely shattered – as she would be – but as always, doing her duty, as she always does and very much at the heart of all of this.

The royal editor agreed with Lorraine and replied: “She embodies a lot of the characteristics of her mother, duty – hard work effort she’s always the hardest working royal.”

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He continued: “Of course she looked devastated and crestfallen in the first instance, but there’s a huge resolve with the Princess.”

Lorraine enthused: “Yes, she’s like her mum!”

Princess Anne became the first woman to take part in the Prince’s Vigil in Edinburgh as she mourned the loss of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Since the news of the Queen’s death on Thursday, her only daughter has taken part in all of the events since and will continue to do so, by escorting her coffin to London today.

While in Edinburgh, Princess Anne alongside her husband Sir Timothy Laurence followed the hearse carrying the coffin that was draped in the Royal Standard.

The Royal was beside her mother’s side as she died in Balmoral last week.

Her hardworking nature has also been praised across the press, with The Telegraph describing her as someone who “always goes the extra mile.”

Her performance also led her to being lauded as a “royal trooper” after her involvement in the ceremonies immediately after the Queen’s death.

Princess Anne discussed her sense of duty to Chris Ship, the Royal Editor of ITV in 2017.

She said: “There is no manual, in that respect, it was about listening, and it was about learning, not making assumptions and certainly not throwing your weight around.”

“I think that’s a remarkable skill to know what the true values are, and stick with those, not worry too much about the things, the fashions, the things that come and go.

She continued: “And to understand what the bedrock of society is and what makes it tick, and people’s relationships, which are fundamentally important.”

The Royal Family have paid their respects in private to the late Queen and her coffin will now go to London for the rest of the public to have their moment.

Some 750,000 people in London are expected to wait in line to celebrate her life and honour her death.

Queen Elizabeth II will lie in state for four days, to allow the public in London to pay their respects.

Her funeral is confirmed to be at Westminster Abbey on Monday 19 September.

Lorraine Kelly continues tomorrow at 9am on ITV

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