Spider makes a huge decision after Toyah's murder trial in Coronation Street

With the trial for causing Imran (Charlie De Melo)’s death hanging over her head in Coronation Street, it hasn’t been the best of times for Toyah (Georgia Taylor) recently.

One thing that did brighten up her life was the reappearance of her former boyfriend Spider Nugent (Martin Hancock). He was a reminder of her younger, carefree days and was someone who Toyah could trust and depend on.

In upcoming episodes the trial approaches. Imran’s mother Saira (Kim Vithana) accuses Toyah of murdering Imran so she could be with her new boyfriend, Spider.

Griff (Michael Condron) says they should let Saira’s car tyres down in revenge for this, or even set fire to the car, but Spider refuses to get involved. Instead he tells Toyah he’s in love with her and he wants to be with her.

They kiss on the balcony and decide to keep the relationship quiet until after the trial – little realising that Saira is watching them from the street.

In a shock twist, before the trial, Toyah confesses to Leanne and Spider that she deliberately crashed the car that killed Imran.

During the trial, Saira tells the curt that she saw Toyah and Spider kissing and she believes that Toyah killed Imran deliberately to get him out of the way so she could be with Spider.

With things looking bleak for her, Toyah decides to take the stand. What will she say?

After the trial, Spider announces that he plans to stay in Weatherfield – but first he wants a meeting with DS Swain.

What does he have to say?

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