The Hairy Bikers Dave Myers gives health update as he pays tribute to wife for her support

Hairy Bikers chef Dave Myers has shared a sweet tribute to his wife, and others who have helped him during his ongoing cancer battle.

The 66 year old star was first diagnosed with cancer in May 2022, and has been undergoing chemotherapy in the 19 months since.

With Dave reacting well to the treatment, he and Si King will be returning to our TV screens this festive season with their new series The Hairy Bikers: Coming Home for Christmas.

Speaking about the upcoming Christmas special, Dave said: "It’s a very different programme, it’s very personal, it’s very close to our hearts. It’s a very brave programme.

"I’ve been ill for the last 18 months and our work-life has been a mishmash and when it was muted we slowly got back to work and then we did a Christmas special.

"We wanted it to be different and there’s one thing about food and sharing it with people you love and care about, and it’s so much more vital to do that.

"This time we shared that food with people I owe my life too. There’s the nurses, the consultants, the physiotherapists who taught me to walk again."

He added that while he's still having treatment but is happy to have made the milestone of Christmas.

Along with the medical staff, Dave added he was incredibly grateful to one man who sold him a motorbike and got him back onto bikes after he had to learn to ride again.

He continued: "It’s a beautiful programme that we are both very proud of.

"It’s a Christmas I never thought I’d be here to enjoy and thanks to these people I am which I’m heartily grateful for. It’s not closure as I’m still having treatment but it’s a bloody good milestone."

Speaking about the support he has received from those around him following his diagnosis, Dave said: "Knowing Si has been there is fantastic.

"A lot of the credit has to also go to my wife, she’s been there through it all with me from the start. It’s absolutely vital and I feel really sad for those people who have to go through it on their own."

And asked how food has helped with his recovery, Dave said: "Food is vital when you’re recovering from cancer, one is appetite and one is getting the calories in.

"Sometimes I have to give myself a good talking to because if you’re feeling rough, you don’t feel like eating but you have to do it.

"There are moments when you get back into food that you look forward to it again. It’s important to find things that you like as well during that journey. It's the stuff of life.

"It doesn’t matter if you’re a prince or pauper, everyone has something that they like to eat. Pancit noodles now have legendary status for me."

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