The Sandman Vortex: What is a Vortex?

The Sandman: Trailer for new Netflix series

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The Sandman is on Netflix now and fans have already binged their way through the Neil Gaiman series. Dream (played by Tom Sturridge) had been missing for over a century and in his absence, a Vortex had been created. has all you need to know about Rose Walker (Vanesu Samunyai) and the Vortex.


What is a Vortex in The Sandman?

The Sandman is based on Neil Gaiman’s comics of the same name and it has brought some fan-favourite characters to the small screen.

Rose Walker is introduced as a young girl who is looking for her brother Jed (Eddie Karanja) after he was separated from her to go into care.

She believes she is an ordinary girl but makes many a discovery on her journey.

Rose found out she was the granddaughter of Unity Kincaid (Sue Johnston), who was one of the children who had slept for years, unable to wake up.

Dream was warned by Lucienne (Vivienne Acheampong) about a Vortex, that would risk breaking the boundary between The Dreaming and the waking world.

Rose, who is a Vortex, has the ability to enter people’s dreams and manipulate her own dreams.

The risk was if Rose found out about the extent of her power and became too overwhelmed, she could wreak havoc in The Dreaming.

This started to prove dangerous when her friend Lyta (Razane Jammal) fell pregnant in real life, having dreamed of being pregnant.

The cracks in the dream world were starting to show, the more Rose learned about her special ability.

Dream said she would need to be destroyed, but Rose was prepared to put up a fight.

He felt a sense of guilt knowing Rose would need to die.

However, at the end of the series, it transpired that Unity was meant to be the original Vortex.

But as Dream was trapped outside of his kingdom, the power was passed down to her granddaughter.

Unity asked Rose to hand over her powers so she would die, and Rose could live a normal life.

Rose then removed her ‘heart’, which controlled the dark powers within her.

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According to the original comics, a Vortex has two main powers, dream manipulation and ageing suspension.

Rose acts as a focal point to combine the dreams of nearby mortals together, which was demonstrated at the end of the series when the dreaming world started to collapse.

The event of the dreams converging is incredibly dangerous and destructive, as was proven to be the case in the series.

When it comes to ageing, Rose has the ability to age much slower than a normal human.

Even in her twenties, she kept the appearance of a young teenager.

At the end of the series it was also revealed that Dream’s sibling Desire (Mason Alexander Park) created the Vortex.

Unity had said the father of her child had golden eyes, and viewers saw Desire appear.

This means Desire is Rose’s grandfather, as they helped create her predecessor.

Desire knew Rose was the new Vortex, and viewers will have to wait and see whether Dream confronts them about how it all came to pass.

The Sandman is on Netflix now

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