Theo exposed in hostage shock, Corrie's Lauren attacks and 18 more soap spoilers

It’s time for’s weekly first look at what’s to come in the land of soap with all new spoilers up for grabs, and next week is an emotional one in all for corners of soapland we can confirm, with trauma, heartbreak and devastation on the way.

EastEnders continues to knock it out of the park with another truly unmissable week for the BBC One soap as the stalker saga comes to an end, with sinister Theo revealing his true nature, taking Stacey Slater hostage.

If that wasn’t enough for Stacey to cope with, daughter Lily goes into labour in the house while she remains trapped in the kitchen with the sinister teacher!

Hollyoaks, meanwhile, is equally as unmissable, with struggling Charlie Dean heading to the sea, where he decides to end his own life.

Over in Emmerdale, Lydia Dingle is raped by childhood ex Craig in a hard-hitting storyline for the ITV soap, which was announced last week, with the much-loved matriarch left devastated by what transpires.

Coronation Street sees Lauren Bolton heartbroken as her feelings for Max Turner persist, despite him being in a relationship with Sabrina, and she takes shocking action as a result.

For a first look at what’s coming up, we’ve selected a handful of the biggest moments across next week, with an even more detailed look coming on Friday (September 1) with our bumper weekend guide, so be sure to return in time for that.


Theo is convinced that he can progress to the next level with Stacey as he celebrates his new job. Little does he know, however, that Martin and Eve have worked out that he is Stacey’s stalker, after receiving some new information. Martin tries to get in touch with Stacey but Theo intercepts his calls and, knowing his time is up, the twisted stalker reveals all to a stunned Stacey, who does her best to get him out of the house.

Lily, meanwhile, is left in shock when her waters break! Jean arrives home to find her granddaughter in labour and, with the ambulance delayed, everyone prepares for Lily to deliver the baby at home. Stacey heads to the kitchen to retrieve some towels but, to her horror, Theo is back inside – and he’s not happy!

Gina makes it her mission to make amends with Gina, who isn’t interested, humiliating her mum in The Vic. Ian is quick to reassure Cindy, promising her a new business venture to woo her daughters with, while Peter persuades his dad to make things right with Kathy, but Ian’s focus is soon on business, as he invites Nish Panesar out for lunch.

Ben struggles on Lexi’s first day of secondary school and heads to the Vic to drown his sorrows, until Callum summons him home to comfort his daughter. Doing just that, Ben encourages Lexi to open up. Callum, meanwhile, is worried about Ben, who insists that he’s okay.

Coronation Street

Cassie thanks Kevin for giving her a chance as she prepares to start at the garage but drug dealer Dean arrives, demanding money from her. Cassie promises to pay by the end of the day, ordering him to go, but Abi recognises Dean, piquing her suspicions. Cassie later refuses to go for lunch, making out she’s waiting for a customer, but Abi knows full well what’s going on, as she returns to find Cassie helping herself to the petty cash!

Tyrone struggles to find the time to get Ruby new boots before her party and thus gives Cassie the money to get them instead, much to Evelyn’s dismay. Cassie meets with Dean, buying drugs, and when Ty works out what’s happened, he finds Cassie on the pavement, having overdosed. Will she pull through?

Lauren is devastated as Max spends more and more time with Sabrina. The cafe worker decides to wind Sabrina up, making out that she and Max are an item, much to Max’s dismay. Lauren lashes out, trashing the salon, with Max promising to cover for her, but things soon spiral out of control, with a police officer arresting Lauren on suspicion of criminal damage.

Henry Newton lures Gemma to a hotel bar under the pretence of a business meeting, before revealing that there is no meeting as he confirms he’s lost his job, admitting that he’s in love with her and wants them to spend the rest of their lives together.


Craig wants to discuss their shared past with Lydia, who offers to take him to their baby’s final resting place. The pair imagine what life could’ve been like as they reflect on their life, with a charged moment.

Upsetting scenes, ensue, however, as the storyline in question takes a dark turn. Lydia struggles in the wake of the near-kiss, snapping at Kim before handing her resignation in. Craig tries to talk her out of it, before revealing his true feelings to a stunned Lydia, who is left terrified as he forces himself on her. Devastated after being raped, Lydia sobs, returning home and going straight to the shower, before hiding the clothes she was wearing, resolving to keep the trauma a secret.

Belle is left feeling insecure when Tom contemplates moving out of the village. Tom, meanwhile, offers Dawn a lift in his new car, much to the dismay of Belle, who believes there is a hint of chemistry between the two. But things take a shock turn when Tom is confronted by a criminal who demands his car keys, while a second attacks him, stealing his car.

Caleb offers to turn the driving enterprise into a shared business for Cain, Nicky and Nate. Nate is intrigued by the proposal. Cain, however, is not, but soon enough, the ice starts to thaw between the warring siblings, with Caleb subsequently welcomed into the family with a good old-fashioned drink from the Dingle welly. Who doesn’t love a happy ending, eh?


Charlie’s worries and anxieties prove overwhelming and, after a number of panic attacks, he takes himself off to the beach, leaving his loved ones seriously concerned as he sends a picture of his location.

Darren swoops into action, determined to find Charlie before it’s too late. Charlie, meanwhile, reminisces about happier times with Darren as he walks towards the sea.

Hunter is worried about a video circulating around the school, confiding his fears in Beau, who encourages him to discuss the matter with new head teacher Carter Shepherd. Hunter does just that, unaware that Carter is actually Freya’s dad, and upon making such a discovery, the teacher is stunned when he’s reported to the police, with DS Zoe turning up to the school.


Freddie is feeling the guilt in EastEnders (Picture: BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron)

  • Peter makes amends with Anna and Gina in EastEnders
  • Dee-Dee is taken with the duty solicitor in Coronation Street
  • Charles makes a swift exit in Emmerdale
  • Rayne targets Lizzie in Hollyoaks
  • Freddie is wracked with guilt in EastEnders
  • Aadi is left torn in Coronation Street
  • Amelia confides in Noah in Emmerdale
  • Ella receives the results which will confirm if Warren is her dad in Hollyoaks

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