Tom Cavanagh To Host ‘Hey Yahoo!’ For Game Show Network

EXCLUSIVE: Actor-director Tom Cavanagh is into gaming now — specifically, one that involves what you are searching for on Yahoo these days.

The star from Ed and The Flash is set to host Hey Yahoo!, a new show for the Game Show Network that’s set to premiere early this summer.

The half-hour game features two teams of three players which compete to guess what millions of people are searching for on Yahoo. Contestants are given the first half of a search, and then have to fill in the blank based on what they think America is searching for. For each correct answer, the dollar value of that answer is added to the team’s bank.

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At the end of three rounds of play, the team with the most money wins and will go on to the bonus round for a chance to add an extra $10,000 to their winnings.

“With Hey Yahoo! we’re bringing together friends and family to fill in the blank with a modern twist, based on the billions of searches a year happening on Yahoo Search,” said Cavanagh. “Game Show Network and I invite you to join the search and share the fun.”

Since 2014, Cavanagh has played Dr. Harry Wells on The Flash, which he has also directed. He’s also directed on Superman & Lois. He’s best known for his starring role on Ed, and has also appeared on Trust Me, Love Monkey, Eli Stone, and Blue Bloods.

Cavanagh recently completed the film Corrective Measures alongside Michael Rooker and Bruce Willis, and he is currently producing the upcoming musical MoviePass! 

Hey Yahoo! is produced by Game Show Enterprises Studios for Game Show Network with Rane Laymance serving as executive producer and Brian Provost as executive producer for Yahoo. Al Hassas of Sweet Lemons, LLC and Dean Tempest of Big Potato Limited also serve as executive producers. 

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