Top Boy fans want to know Sully’s actual name is after dark twist

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Top Boy. 

Sully’s fate was determined in the final lot of episodes of Top Boy and fans are now just wondering what his actual name is.

Top Boy has come to an end with season three labelled as the final ever series of the Netflix gang drama.

Sully (played by Kane “Kano” Robinson) has been in the show from the very beginning, with the focus on his complicated friendship and business partner Dushane (Ashley Walters).

Together, they headed up the Summerhouse gang on the Hackney estate and turned their once small-time drug dealing side hustle into an empire worth millions.

While finances were no longer an issue, their relationship was pushed to its limits when loyalty came into question during the show’s stint on Channel 4 and then Netflix.

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What is Sully’s real name in Top Boy? 

Sully may be one of the two main characters in Top Boy, but some fans still don’t know or have forgotten what he’s actually called.

Sully’s real full name is Gerard John “Sully” Sullivan, with the nickname coming from his surname.

He may have been referenced as Gerard by those close to him in the beginning but as time has gone on, everyone simply knows him as Sully.

Even Dushane who has been friends with him since school calls him Sully and never by his real name.

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The second and third season of Top Boy took a darker turn for Sully as the series two finale saw him murder Jamie Tovell (Micheal Ward) on his doorstep in front of his brothers.

Season three showed him taking over the every day duties from Dushane and making himself more enemies, from the Irish gangsters, to his former ally Dushane.

Jamie’s brother Stef (Araloyin Oshunremi) was thinking about getting his revenge the entire series as well but decided not to shoot him at the very last minute.

This temporarily meant Sully was safe but, to subscribers’ shock, this didn’t last very long.

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In the final few moments of the last episode, Sully was in his car, preparing to drive off when an unknown shooter pulled the trigger through the window.

Blood is splattered over the vehicle and Sully’s head is slammed against the wheel, making the horn go off.

The shooter walked off without looking back so it remains a mystery who Sully’s killer is.

Top Boy is available to watch on Netflix.

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