Kaye Adams snubs Loose Women co-star on girls holiday because shes too wild

Sharing a tight bond, the Loose Women cast love heading to exotic destinations on amazing girls' trips.

However, with regret, Kaye Adams has to draw the line at the idea of Linda Robson coming along, as the party animal is at risk of taking things a little too far. On Wednesday's episode (October 4) of the show, Judi Love couldn't resist asking for all the juicy details on what went down on the girls' most recent holiday.

She cheekily questioned: "Don't try and get away with this. We need to talk about your girls' trip that I didn't come to. Let's have a conversation about that. I love your reels, by the way; it looked amazing." And thanks to Nadia Sawalha's need to photograph everything, Jane and Kaye, were able to show the audience exactly what they got up to.

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But by the looks of things, Linda's absence definitely resulted in the girls having a quieter time. The crowd looked on in awe as the panel showed off their scrumptious lunches, Nadia diving into their sparkling pool and even the surfboards, which fans will have to come to their own conclusion as to whether they actually used or not.

Looking back fondly on the memories, Jane reminisced: "As you can see, we had amazing weather. It was 27 degrees every day. We just ate a lot, didn't we?"

Kaye replied: "Ate a lot, talked a lot, didn't drink that much. We were pretty good."

Obviously indicating that she may have had one too many, Jane laughed: "You didn't." Kaye hit back: "Somebody's got be the sensible one. It's funny, someone said to me, 'Did you go clubbing'? I went, 'No, I didn't blooming think about it'. Next time, Judi."

Clearly devastated that she missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime, Judi insisted: "Next time, I am coming, it's only because I've been touring. You wouldn't have to ask me twice."

At this point, Kaye had to reveal that one of the gang is simply too dangerous to take abroad. She asserted: "Linda's not coming, she's too wild."

That's right, while the girls chose not to go clubbing, by the sounds of things, if Linda had been there, it would have been a different story. In all likelihood, the former EastEnders actress would've hit the strip with a vengeance, drinking vodka lemonades and partying the night away, while classic hits like Kingston Town and Cotten Eye Joe blasted in the background.

Rather than denying the allegations, Linda chose to embrace her wild side. With a cheeky grin beaming from ear to ear, she admitted: "I get into trouble."

Kidding aside, it actually turns out the 65-year-old loves going abroad on her own. And no, it's not to hit the clubs; in actuality, she just really enjoys sitting in a restaurant, reading a book and enjoying some flavoursome food.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV

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