Waterloo Roads Adam Thomas never wanted to return to BBC drama

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Waterloo Road fans were thrilled to see Donte Charles (played by Adam Thomas), Chlo Grainger (Katie Griffiths) and Kim Campbell (Angela Griffin) return alongside a host of new characters. The first episode of the new series ended on a heartbreaking note but Donte star Adam, who was at the centre of the tragedy, has revealed why he initially didn’t want to return to the BBC drama. 

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Waterloo Road stars Adam and Katie spoke about why they wanted to return. 

Emmerdale star Adam admitted he thought he’d “never” return to the BBC drama.

Adam explained: “You just don’t ever see this coming, you really don’t. 

“When I left Waterloo Road I thought that was it, I’ll never go back there again.”

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He continued: “So when we get the phone call that they’re thinking about bringing Waterloo Road back and this is the plan and we’re thinking about this, you’re gonna be coming back with Chlo and he’s obviously got two kids and I was like, ‘Where do I sign?’

“This show meant so much to us, it put us both on the map it was one of our first ever acting jobs and we just got to learn so much.

“But not only did we join the show as kids we left as adults.”

“We grew up through that show,” the Emmerdale actor remarked.

“We just felt very valuable in the fact [producer] Cameron Roach took this risk to bring the show back.

“It’s a huge risk because so many fans loved this show. so it’s like should we just leave it where it is? 

“I hope that it does the fans justice but I’m just very happy that I get to work with [Katie].”

Katie explained she had no idea the BBC drama had become popular on iPlayer during lockdown. 

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Reflecting on the moment she was asked to return, she said: “It was a complete pinch yourself moment.

“This was a massive part of our lives, what feels like a lifetime ago and actually when we left we felt, ‘That’s it we won’t go back.’

“And then naturally the show found its feet in other parts of the country and it has accumulated lots of other fans.

“There’s this really dedicated, passionate following, and then you have the success on iPlayer over lockdown, which I was completely oblivious to.”

“It’s just really exciting that it’s found a new audience so you’ve got the old audience that really want it back and this new lease of life and it’s just very exciting to that we get to be a part of it,” she added.

In the first episode of Waterloo Road, Donte’s world fell apart when his childhood sweetheart died after a tragic car accident earlier in the instalment. 

The aftermath of Chlo’s death will unfold from next week, as Waterloo Road comes to terms with losing the mother of one of its pupils and Kim Campbell (Angela Griffin) copes with the loss of someone she watched grow up.

Waterloo Road continues on BBC One on Tuesday at 8pm.

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