Wheeler Dealers host offers £5,000 prize as stolen Ford saga continues

Wheeler Dealers star Mike Brewer has offered a £5,000 reward in a bid to find his stolen Ford Fiesta Mk1.

Mr Brewer said he would offer cash in hand to anyone who broke their silence on the stolen classic car with the duo desperate to be reunited with the model.

The TV star even admitted he was not looking to prosecute those responsible for the car going missing after it was taken from a hotel car park in June.

Engineers had spent hours fully restoring the iconic Mk1 Fiesta as a special tribute to the brand.

The model was due to be shown off at a special car show but was taken from a trailer hours beforehand.

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Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Mr Brewer said: “I’m not not going to prosecute anyone, nor is Elvis (other host Marc Priestley). We will ask, please, beg, we still have still got the key to the car.

“All we are asking for is to park the car on a corner somewhere, tell us where it is and I will go and get the car and I don’t know how but we will give £5,000 cash to anyone who tells us where the car is.

“I will drop that in a nin, I will send that to a PO BOX, I don’t care how it happens. It will be one of those Hollywood movie endings.

“Whatever someone wants me to do I don’t care I will go into a crowded pub, give someone £5,000 if someone gives me the car. We want the car back and for us, it’s worth it because we are never going to see that kind of car again.

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“There is never going to be any more Fiesta’s than there is today. There is only going to be fewer Fiestas. That happens to be one of four that’s registered, that’s why it hurts so much.

“The thought that someone is going to set fire to it or pull it apart and send parts all over the world, it devastates us, it absolutely breaks us. So please can we have the car back.”

Mr Brewer has previously described the incident as “like losing a child”. The Fiesta restoration episode was aired last month but no further leads have since emerged.

Mr Priestley revealed the duo had completed work on the car just “a day before” the Fiesta meet.

He said the car was probably in its “most perfect state” since it had rolled out of the factory hours before it was taken.

The former F1 mechanic also admitted it took the production team ages to convince the duo the car had actually been stolen and they hadn’t been pranked.

Mr Priestley added: “Still we will put that cry out again, If anyone has any news or any information please let us know. West Yorkshire Police are the people to let know because they are still hoping to bring it back.”

Wheeler Dealers is available now on Discovery+ and airs Monday at 9pm on Quest.

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