Who dies in Corrie as Stephen's reign of terror ends? All victims at risk

Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) reign of terror concludes in Coronation Street next week as the residents of the eponymous street put two and two together, realising that they’ve got a killer in their midst.

The serial killer has wreaked havoc over the past year, claiming life after life as he went on a murderous spree, offing a number of residents in a bid to keep his sordid secrets hidden.

The discovery of first victim Leo Thomkins’ (Joe Frost) body, however, started a chain reaction of events that put the murderer under a spotlight, with various residents now starting to grow suspicious of him.

Stephen’s story takes centre stage next week as part of ITV’s Super Soap Week, with the villain set to meet an unmissable end as his sins catch up with him in a truly spectacular batch of episodes.

With bodies found, blood shed and a long-awaited showdown on the menu, it’s safe to say that the week in question will go down in Corrie history.

The big question on our lips, however, is whether or not Stephen will claim another victim before his reign of terror comes to an end?

A number of the cobbles’ finest are in danger, that’s for sure, and with new spoilers detailing the events to come, here’s everyone who is facing death.

Carla Connor

Despite finding his presence rather frustrating when he first turned up on the street, Carla came to think of Stephen as a trustworthy business partner, unaware of the fact that he was trying to scheme his way to the top of the food chain in the factory.

The twisted villain went to extremely measures in order to get the authority he so desperately craved, drugging Carla with LSD, which led the Underworld owner to think that her psychosis had returned.

But after doing some digging, Carla came to believe that she was spiked, with scenes this week seeing her work out that Stephen was behind her torment.

The cobbles icon is therefore on a mission to try and expose Stephen for the scheming liar that he is. Upcoming scenes will see her find a one-way ticket to Thailand in her office printer and, working out that Stephen is planning on absconding, she relays such information to DS Swain, who urges her to keep shtum while they look into it.

But with Carla having made her intentions to Stephen perfectly clear, will he resort to murder in order to keep her out of his affairs? Could it be Carla that will be his final victim?

Tim Metcalfe

Tim has long suspected that Stephen is not to be trusted after he worked out that the businessman had been trying to get his hands on Elaine Jones’ cash. 

He confronted Stephen a number of months back, with a showdown ensuing between the two, with Tim making it quite clear that he doesn’t like to see his mum being messed around. 

Though Elaine managed to evade Stephen’s grasp before she became his next victim, Tim has remained sceptical about his presence on the cobbles, knowing full well that he’s up to no good.

Stephen, as fans know, recently returned to the canal where he disposed of second victim Teddy’s body. Little did he know, however, that Tim had followed him, with a very unique ringtone sounding, alerting Stephen to the fact that someone was close by.

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If Stephen works out that the ringtone in question belongs to Tim then it’s safe to say that the killer will be hellbent on shedding even more blood, making the cab driver his fourth casualty.

Spoilers for next week confirm that the two characters cross paths again as Tim gets wind of Stephen’s interest in the canal dredging project, with subsequent scenes seeing the taxi driver finding human remains in the canal.

He sets off to warn everyone, but Stephen takes shocking action, attempting to choke Tim to death in his own cab. Recent on-location pictures from filming confirmed that Tim is left in a bad way, so will he fall victim to the crazed murderer?

Peter Barlow

Much like Tim, Peter hasn’t particularly been Stephen’s biggest fan, with the long-serving legend harbouring doubts about the businessman’s true motives at the factory.

But with word now out that Stephen was behind Carla’s spiking ordeal, we can confirm that Peter tracks down the killer for some violent revenge.

Audrey arrives before Peter can do anything too deadly, but this begs the question of whether or not Stephen will subsequently retaliate?

Could the killer strike on an unsuspecting Peter, claiming another life in the process? Actor Chris Gascoyne is set to depart the cobbles later this year, so could a tragic end for his character be on the cards?

Audrey Roberts

Audrey has always had a soft spot for Stephen, refusing to have a bad word said against him, but the scales are set to fall from her eyes in upcoming scenes when Sarah reveals that her beloved son has defrauded her.

In a bid to get answers, the hairdressing legend races to Stephen’s flat, intruding on a showdown between he and Peter, demanding answers.

Audrey being in the know about what he did with the equity at Grassmere Drive puts Stephen in a seriously difficult position as he could go to prison if word were to get out. Will he therefore resort to killing his own mother in a bid to cover his tracks?

There is no further mention of Audrey in the spoilers for next week beyond this showdown, so it could very well prove to be a possibility.

Jenny Connor

Stephen has absolutely destroyed Jenny’s world since his arrival on the cobbles last year.

From kissing the landlady, which played a huge part in her relationship with Leo falling apart, to murdering her beloved Leo and then covering up his murder, making it look like the young man had fled to Canada without telling her.

Jenny was recently devastated to find out that Leo is dead, with the police having recovered his body from the building site where Stephen disposed of it, but she remains in the dark about her new lover’s role in his death.

After losing the Rovers last month, she resolves to move to Thailand with Stephen in upcoming scenes, which prompts Carla to spill the beans about how the businessman is being investigated for murder!

The discovery takes Jenny by surprise, but will we see her confront Stephen over such accusations? If so, Will Stephen retaliate by murdering her too? We know he’s capable of killing in order to cover his tracks, having done so with both Rufus and Teddy, so will Jenny suffer a similar fate?

Sarah Barlow

Sarah has been full of nothing but admiration for her Uncle Stephen since his return to the eponymous Street last year, with the factory boss often reminiscing about their days working together in Milan.

But she’s well and truly seen him for who he is in recent months, knowing he’s capable of just about anything!

Sarah relays her suspicions to Audrey next week, which kickstarts a shocking chain of events, so Will Stephen be on the warpath and thus set about taking revenge on his niece?

We’ll just have to wait and see!

Coronation Street airs these scenes Monday October 9, Wednesday October 11 and Friday October 13 at 8pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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