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VAN Der Valk has proved a HUGE hit for ITV, following the successful reboot of the show.

The popular crime drama, which is fronted by actor Marc Warren, has been such a hit, that viewers want to know if they will get a season 3.

Will there be another series of Van Der Valk?

ITV are yet to reveal if Van Der Valk will be back for a third season.

The series originally ranin the 70s and the early 90s, with Barry Foster playing Piet Van Der Valk.

The show returned for a reboot in 2020, and then a second series kicked off in August 2022.

The Sun has contacted ITV to find out if there will be a season 3, and as soon as we know, you'll know.

What happened in season 2 of the ITV show?

Episode 1 – Plague in Amsterdam

The Dutch detective Piet Van Der Valk (Marc Warren) is called in to investigate the gruesome murder of Susie De Windt, a solicitor whose mutilated body is discovered strung up on a windfarm with an 'X' carved into her stomach and a cryptic note inside her coat.

As rookie cop Job Cloovers returns to duty, even Van Der Valk is quietly relieved at his arrival – if anyone can help riddle out these puzzling notes, it is Job.

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It is within Susie's case files that the team obtain their first lead.

Days previously, she had won a case on behalf of the city to evict a group of artist squatters – the windfarm where her body was discovered was where the group were due to be relocated.

It is a game of cat-and-mouse, and at its core is a battle for the soul of Amsterdam.

Episode 2 – Blood in Amsterdam

To commemorate the family matriarch and founder of Cuyper Diamonds, Geraldine Cuyer, her three children and heirs are launching a new range of diamonds in their mother’s memory.

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Find out who played the original Van der Valk

Having recently died following a failed heart transplant, her children are launching the 0708 range – the centrepiece of which is a star diamond with the ashes of Geraldine’s heart at its centre.

While the firm is still adjusting to Geraldine’s passing, and with her net worth upon her death at €13 billion – there is all to play for in the company restructuring.

But when the body of former diamond polisher Ahmed Baykam, is discovered cut into three pieces and left on the doorsteps of his employer’s houses, the dysfunctional Cuyper siblings, Van Der Valk and his team must question whether someone has a grudge against the legendary diamond dynasty.

Once the team discover, however, that the victim Ahmed had recently been promoted into a new job, suspicion grows within the diamond factory.

The team infiltrate the diamond world in order to discover that, far from being anyone’s best friend, the multi-faceted diamond business is awash with envy, greed and corruption.

Episode 3 – Payback in Amsterdam

When a classical musician and former musical child prodigy, Fleur Mas, is the victim of an acid attack and subsequently dies, Van Der Valk and his team must question if the intention of this attack was to maim and disfigure, or to kill.

The investigation takes an unexpectedly personal turn when Brad and Job interview the victim’s partner, Femke De Haan, the guest conductor, who also happens to be Lucienne’s ex.

Rehearsing for their annual performance on the canal the orchestra is raising money for 'No To Silence', a charity that supports victims of sexual assault and encourages those affected to come forward.

From Femke the team learn that Fleur reported she was being stalked shortly before her murder, but they are unable to find any record of Fleur having reported the alleged stalking.

They are, however, able to discover that on the day of her attack, she met up with an investigative journalist and hacker.

The investigation brings Van Der Valk and his team face to face with corruption and coercion at the highest levels of authority to discover an international sex trafficking network that has links all the way to the top.

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