2 Children Among 5 Dead in Denver House Fire That Police Suspect Was Arson

Authorities have launched a homicide investigation into a deadly house fire in Denver that took the lives of five people — including two children — early Wednesday morning.

The fire was reported around 2:40 a.m. by several people who saw smoke in the city's Green Valley Ranch neighborhood, according to the Denver Fire Department.

Responding police officers initially tried to rescue some of the residents inside the burning building, but they were "pushed back due to the amount of heat the fire was producing," Captain Greg Pixley of the Denver Fire Department said during a press conference.

Three people escaped the blaze by jumping from the the upper level of the two-story home before firefighters arrived, according to Pixley. Officials believe they were not significantly injured.

One toddler, one child and three adults were found dead on the main floor once the flames were extinguished, Pixley said.

Authorities are unsure if the home had any smoke detectors.

"This fire could have been far more significant, affecting far more many people," Pixley said. "The devastation to the home is significant. The two adjoining structures had tremendous amount of effect from the fire."

The fire department is now working with police in an investigation into the fire after authorities found "indication through some evidence that it was an arson," according to Joe Montoya, the Division Chief of Investigations at the Denver Police Department.

Montoya declined to go into details about the evidence.

"It will be investigated in a joint investigation with the fire department as a homicide investigation," he said.

"We're going to go through a thorough investigation," Pixley added. "We're going to piece every individual thing we can to bring together the true story of this fire."

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