'Anti-sex' toilets will spray water and sound alarm on randy couples getting frisky in seaside town's £170k cubicles

A SEASIDE town is planning to install anti-sex toilets which spray water on randy couples.

Porthcawl's new £170k loos come with weight-sensitive floors to detect "violent movement" in the stalls.

If the high-tech bogs detect sexual activity or drug-taking, the occupants will be sprayed with freezing water as an alarm blares overhead.

A time lock will also open and shut the toilets every morning and evening.

Twitter user Leah said: "Weight sensitive floors to detect more than 1 user? What baseline weight are they using?

"I'm easily the weight of 2 teenagers! And what about people who need assistance? I have to go in with my kids."

Another Twitter user said: "If some poor old person falls over in the loo they will probably get a free jet wash at the same time."

Jarrod Smith added: "as an ample lad I am worried my weight might set off the 'two in a cubicle' alarms!".

A total of £170,000 is being spent on the futuristic toilets, with £135,000 paid by Porthcawl and £35,000 paid by Bridgend.

Town councillor Mike Clarke said: "Rebuilding the public toilets is an important element of Porthcawl Town Council's ambition to ensure that Porthcawl is a great place to live, work and to visit."

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