Banksy house owners say sale is back ON after '48-hour pause' – but claim they're WORSE off despite it's £5m valuation

THE owners of a house valued at £5million after Banksy's latest work appeared on it say the sale is back on after a 48-hour pause.

Aileen Makin, 57, who owns the house, was due to exchange contracts for the sale of the semi-detached Bristol home next week.

But the family said yesterday they had pulled out of the sale after an art dealer valued the home at £5million since Banksy's mural appeared on Thursday.

The average house price on the street is £300,000, according to Zoopla.

They have now flip-flopped again – with Aileen's son Nicholas confirming today they are pressing ahead with the sale after a 48-hour pause.

He told the BBC: "When you wake up to tabloids saying the house is now worth £5million you've got to think about what you're doing… but it's not changing anything."

Nicholas now claims the artwork – named "Aachoo!!" – is actually costing them money after the family installed an alarm system and perspex screen to protect it.

And he claims people were gathering outside house while he slept to get a better peek.

Joey Syer, Co-founder of – which has more than 25 years of experience of art dealing and specialises in Banksy's work – believes it could be worth millions.

He told The Sun Online: "Street art pieces are not sold without authentication by Pest Control – the Banksy authentication body.

"However with the right provenance, we’d estimate this to be worth in the region of £3million to £5million pounds.”

People flocked to see the artist’s latest work after it appeared on the corner of Vale Street and Park Street in Bristol on Thursday.

It shows a woman sneezing out her dentures on the side of the semi-detached home.

The mural is not Banksy's first Covid-inspired artwork, in the summer he painted mask-wearing rats on the Tube.

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