Bizarre moment armed police arrest suspect hiding in a wheelie bin

Bizarre moment armed police arrest a suspect who was hiding in a wheelie bin

  • A police helicopter guided officers on the ground to a wheelie bin on the street
  • A thermal camera identified the suspect’s hiding place due to his body heat 

This is the bizarre moment armed officers were guided to a suspect hiding in a wheelie bin by the National Police Air Service. 

The police helicopter, using its thermal imaging camera was able to guide officers on the ground towards the wheelie bin which was left on the side of the road. 

The suspect’s body heat caused the bin to go black on the thermal image, making it obvious to the observer on board the chopper where he was hiding. 

The footage shows a police car pull up a short distance from the bin. Moments later, armed officers approached the waste receptacle. 

The suspect was hiding in a wheelie bin, circled. His heat signature turned the bin black, compared with the rest of the waste receptacles on the street which were not glowing

Officers approached the wheelie bin having been guided by colleagues in the helicopter 

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Armed police officers then surround the bin following a radio message from the police helicopter ‘your fifth wheelie bin on the left is glowing hot like a Christmas tree’. 

One police officer then flips the bin lid over – to find the suspect crouched inside.

The suspect then stands up in the bin before being dragged out and detained by police.

A spokesman for NPAS South West said: ‘Our Exeter crew located a suspect hiding in a wheelie bin in Devon a few months ago.

‘Great team work with Devon and Cornwall Police resulted in a suspect taken into custody.’

MailOnline has approached Devon and Cornwall Police for an update.  

After one officer flipped the lid of the wheelie bin the suspect was ordered to surrender

The wheelie bin soon lost its dark colouring as it rapidly returned to the normal temperature

The suspect, pictured, was arrested and taken into custody by Devon and Cornwall police

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