‘Cancer-stricken’ Putin rumoured to be getting chemo as his inner circle plots against him, leaked Pentagon docs claim | The Sun

VLADIMIR Putin is allegedly undergoing chemotherapy and his inner circle could be using his suspected ill health to plot against him, according to leaked Pentagon docs.

The highly-sensitive treasure trove of US spy documents that surfaced on social media last week constitute one of the worst intelligence breaches in US history and fuel the fire of speculation concerning Putin's deteriorating health.

As the US scrambles to identify the suspects of the intelligence leak, around the world people are learning just how deeply Washington has infiltrated the upper echelons of Russian power and the country's daily input to the war in Ukraine.

The 100 pages of stunning information include dangerous revelations of Ukraine's planned offensive and the awkward and spiky reports that the US has been spying on key allies.

Importantly, they reveal sensitive information on the Russia's top power-brokers.

Caught up in all of the mayhem is a "top secret" page containing the bombshell rumour that high-ranking Kremlin officials intend to "throw" the war in Ukraine as a ploy to "sabotage" Putin.

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The alleged plan is hinged on Putin being incapacitated while receiving chemotherapy treatment.

It was a rumour important enough to be gathered within classified daily intelligence briefings intended for high-ranking Pentagon officials, which puts credit to the longstanding speculation that the dictator is suffering from cancer.

Rumours of Putin's failing health have been swirling for months and the topic has remained a solid source of speculation within Western intelligence circles.

Explosive spy documents leaked to The Sun Online last November appeared to confirm that the Russian leader has both pancreatic cancer and early stage Parkinson's disease.

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Sources also claimed he had emergency surgery last year and was shadowed by a team of top doctors.

Notably, the former head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove warned that Putin's "days are numbered".

The spy chief told The Sun Online in February that the despot's deteriorating health will lead to his sudden "disappearance or collapse" – causing a swift and possibly violent end to his administration.

Ukraine has often insisted that Russia is using body doubles to now stand in for Putin after past appearances of the leader with a bloated face, trembling legs, limping and suspected track marks from an IV on his hands.

Ukraine's head of defence intelligence Kyrylo Budanov also claimed he will “die very soon of cancer” and the race is "already" underway to to claim his crown by rivals in the Kremlin.

The leader's mental health has also been a source of concern. Putin's recent runaway bodyguard Gleb Karakulov – one of the most high-ranking Russian defectors of all time – has claimed the tyrant is mentally disturbed.

The captain in the Federal Guard Service branded the president as a "war criminal" who lives in complete isolation "in his bunker" and is "pathologically afraid".

New reports surfaced this week that Putin faces fresh health concerns, including "blurred vision and a "numb tongue", according to the General SVR Telegram channel.

According to the newly leaked documents, the information of the plot to sabotage Putin came from an unidentified Russian source with access to the Kremlin's inner circles.

It specifically names Russian National Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev and Russian Chief of General Staff Valeriy Gerasimov as the masterminds of the alleged plot.

At the top of the document is the coded letters: TS//SI//REL TO USA, FVEY/FISA, which identifies it as a top secret report collected from communications monitoring to be released to only those with top security clearance in the USA of 'Five Eyes' countries (UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US).

The leaked intelligence reports were prepared over late February and early March and although they do not confirm the rumour, its very existence within the stack of top secret briefings is noteworthy.

The memo reads: “According to the [redacted source], who received the information from an unidentified Russian source with access to Kremlin officials, Russia planned to divert resources from the Taganrog, Russia to Mariupol, Ukraine and focus its attention on the southern front.

"According to the [redacted source] the plan for ‘the offensive’… was suspected to be a strategy devised by Russian National Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev and Russian Chief of the General Staff Valeriy Gerasimov to sabotage presumably Putin.”

It continued: "Gerasimov reportedly planned to continue his efforts to sabotage the offensive, noting that he promised to "throw" the so-called special military operation by 5 March, when Putin was allegedly scheduled to star a round of chemo theory and would thus be unable to influence the war effort."

However, the Pentagon's primary concern over the intel leak appears to be the data concerning Ukraine's battleplans. They claim they are working “around the clock” to determine the scale of the damage.

“We’re still investigating how this happened, as well as the scope of the issue," said the US Department of Defence.

“There have been steps to take a closer look at how this type of information is distributed and to whom. We’re also still trying to assess what might be out there.”

CNN has reported that Ukraine could change its plans for a spring counteroffensive after the military data leak, which included top secret information on troop movements and equipment supplies.

However, Ukrainian presidential aide Mykhailo Podolyak said while military specifics may change, some aspects are “unchangeable.”

“There are strategic tasks – they are unchangeable,” he told Reuters.

Although it is widely believed Russia was responsible for the leaks, the classified documents also suggested a depleted and battered Russian war machine that was struggling.

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The news comes as analysts increasingly suggest sharks in the Kremlin are circling Putin as rival camps jostle to seize power amid the despot's floundering war in Ukraine.

According to Ukraine's armed forces, Russian losses have now exceeded 180,000 after a further 730 troops were killed within the past 24 hours.

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