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A STRANDED dad begged the US government to rescue his toddler and baby from Wuhan as others refused to abandon their families.

Sam Roth from Wisconsin is stuck in the coronavirus epicenter with his family amid the "frightening" outbreak – after pleading with authorities to help them.

"This disease is frightening. People are dying and getting very sick from it," Sam told FOX6 News amid the deadly viral outbreak.

He issued a heartbreaking Twitter plea as a plane evacuating 201 Americans landed in California today without them.

"My family is currently in lockdown in Wuhan," Sam wrote. "When will my wife and two daughters, one of whom is only 10-months-old, be offered seats?"

Sam was in Wuhan with his wife Daisy and his infant daughter Adalynn and Abigail, 5, to spend Lunar New Year with his in-laws.

During their ill-fated visit, the sprawling capital city was put on lock down, trapping the Roths and numerous American residents in a coronavirus storm.

Despite emailing his congressional delegates and his Twitter appeal, the family remain trapped in Wuhan with no way of getting home.

Passengers like Rhode Island resident Patrick Stockstill, his wife Ping and their two young sons got seats on the coveted flight – for a whopping $4400.

Others who are trapped told TIME the flight wasn't really available to the average person due to the inflated cost of airline tickets.

Although only 201 passengers flew, officials said the aircraft could accommodate 240 people but Sam's appeal was turned down.

The last flight landed in California today but the Roths weren't on board according to Sam's social media pages.

He told CNN: "Right now, I'm not as afraid of the virus as I am anything else my children can catch.

"I would love if I could just snap my fingers, and this disease was gone, and they could just go outside, and get back to enjoying their vacation."

His predicament comes as the killer coronavirus has prompted the White House to consider banning flights between the US and China.

A source told ABC News the Trump administration did not dismiss the possibility of suspending flights during a conference call on Tuesday.

"From the moment they set foot [in] Wuhan they were told, 'stay inside, don't get in big gatherings,'" Sam told CBS News.

"And then the city went on lockdown," he added as the death toll from the virus has risen to 132 with the number of infections surging to 6000.

Sam said he is "optimistic that it is a matter of time before we are reunited" with their family in the US in a Facebook comment yesterday.

Meanwhile, other American citizens have refused to leave their loved ones in China's ground zero amid the terrifying outbreak.

Another US dad Benjamin Wilson from Louisiana who lives there with his Chinese wife and seven-year-old daughter, rejected the chartered flight.

"But I wouldn't leave my wife. But if my wife and daughter could travel together, then absolutely yes," he told the Wall Street Journal.

Others like Doug Perez, 28, from San Francisco refused to abandon his girlfriend and their beloved pooch – a Labrador called "Chubby" – in Wuhan.

"A lot of foreigners are stuck here," he told the WSJ. "There is no way on Earth many of us, including myself, are going to leave our loved ones."

The virus has spread across China and to at least 16 countries globally after the initial outbreak in the city of Wuhan.

Fears have been raised over a rise in coronavirus cases in patients who've never been to China.

Since then there have been further cases of domestic human-to-human transmission in patients in Germany, Taiwan and Japan.

The virus has spread across China and to at least 16 countries globally after the initial outbreak in the city of Wuhan.

Doug Perez and his girlfriend outfit their Labrador, Chubby, with a face mask before going out for a walk in WuhanCredit: AP:Associated Press

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