Footage shows teen stalking ‘role model’ student before stabbing him

Murder outside the common room: Chilling footage shows balaclava-clad 17-year-old ambushing student and stabbing him to death in the chest in attack outside college

  • Laoui Ali was seen riding bus to the college where he stabbed Sidali Mohammed
  • Sidali, 16, was killed after being stabbed in the chest by Ali, 17, during huge brawl
  • Thug Ali was on bail for another stabbing at the time of the attack on February 13
  • He faces a life sentence after being found guilty of ‘role model’ student’s killing 

A teenager convicted of murdering a student outside a Birmingham college was caught on CCTV getting a bus to the scene and waiting for his victim to arrive.

The chilling footage shows Laoui Ali, 17, riding the bus to Joseph Chamberlain College on February 13 before covering his face with a mask to wait for Sidali Mohamed, 16.

They exchange words before Ali punches Sidali, triggering a brawl that ends with the killer plunging a two-pronged knife into his victim’s chest. 

A murder trial was told the victim was killed in ‘less than a minute’. 

The knife was briefly captured on CCTV as a security guard removed it from the scene.  

Ali, who was on bail for another stabbing at the time of the attack, now faces a life sentence after being found guilty of the murder of ‘role model’ student Sidali.    

Ali, an aspiring boxer, was on bail after he and an accomplice had stabbed a man in the arm as he walked down the street. 

A jury at Birmingham Crown Court also found the defendant guilty of wounding with intent, unlawful wounding and two charges of having an offensive weapon. 

A security guard who had tried to intervene and grab the knife during the brawl was stabbed in the back.

In court, the defendant claimed he went to the college after receiving a threatening message.

He said he had been scared that Sidali was going to stab him and had given him a ‘poke’ with the knife but had not intended really serious injury.

The court heard that the teenager travelled to the college on February armed with the weapon, after a call had been made to him from his victim’s phone.

However, the jury found him guilty and Judge Mark Wall QC lifted reporting restrictions, which normally ban the media from naming defendants aged under 18, in the interests of open justice. 

Laoui Ali, 17 (left), was already on bail for stabbing someone when he fatally knifed Sidali Mohamed, 16 (right)

The killer was seen waiting for his victim on CCTV before instigating a brawl that ended in the fatal stabbing

Sidali’s family said in a statement: ‘He was an amazing son, brother, cousin, nephew and a fantastic friend.

‘Sidali was an ambitious young man with his whole life ahead of him. Sidali’s death has left a huge void in our family.

‘We hope this conviction will serve as a lesson to those young people who are involved in knife crime.

‘Sidali will always be remembered as our happy little boy who brought joy and happiness amongst his family and friends. Sidali will always remain in our hearts and his legacy will live on.’   

Det Supt Ed Foster, who lead the investigation into Sidali’s murder, said his devastated parents ‘still can’t believe their son won’t be coming home’.

The chilling CCTV showed Ali getting a bus to the college and then waiting for his victim to come out of class

He added: ‘On the day of the incident, we know the defendant left his home address and boarded a bus, which took him to the college.

‘He got off the bus at the college and was there for 15-20 minutes.

‘CCTV showed him putting a mask and a bandana round his face – he also used his phone on several occasions.

‘The victim, Sidali Mohamed, leaves college shortly after 4pm – the two of them come together and there is a short confrontation during which time the defendant strikes Sidali round the face.

‘A tussle ensued and during that the victim was fatally stabbed through the chest.

‘Sidali’s family have been left devastated. They cannot understand how he left for college that day and never came home.’

Det Supt Foster said young people needed to be aware of the consequences of knife crime.

‘If they are going to use knives, like in this case, they are going to get to court and they will be sent to prison,’ he said.   

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