Furious mum vows never to shop at Tesco again after finding plastic in bacon

A mother from Surrey was left less than impressed while cooking with her son when she found long strands of plastic in an 89p packet of bacon she purchased from Tesco.

Taria Cornelius and her 16-year-old son Bradley were making bacon, sausage and eggs for their family when they found strands of clear plastic in the Woodside Farms cooking bacon.

Bradley uncovered the strands while pulling the meet apart and Taria said that one of her children could have been hospitalised if it had not been spotted.

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Taria contacted Tesco but was told that she would need to return the package to a store in order to get a refund, despite it having been delivered to her address as part of an online shop.

Speaking about the unwelcome addition to the bacon, Taria told Surrey Live: “It could have sent the kids to hospital as it is a choking hazard.

“It was only 89p, so not very expensive, but that’s not the point. There is a lot of it and I have another pack in the freezer that I’m too scared to cook now in case.

“I don’t know if other people got hold of it too but it is quite a dangerous thing, and I reckon it should be recalled.”

Taria is now in limbo regarding a refund because she says it will cost her more to reach her nearest Tesco branch than the value of the bacon.

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“I don’t drive, and my husband is disabled,” she added. “I had ordered the bacon as part of my online food shop.

“If I was to get to Tesco I’d have to get the train to the Park Barn superstore in Guildford. It would end up costing me more to get the train there for the refund.

“Tesco just don’t care and I am never shopping there again. I have contacted the Food Standards Agency to look into it.”

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We’re sorry to hear about this. If a customer is not satisfied with a product, they can always return it to us for a full refund.”

Tesco recommends customers contact its customer engagement centre for further help if they are unsatisfied with their shopping experience.


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