Hilarious moment BBC weatherman has viewers in stitches

BBC weatherman Paul Hudson’s hilarious ‘Accidental Partridge’ moment has viewers in stitches: ‘My 10-week daughter proves there’s nothing wrong with my equipment Peter!’

  • The weatherman reduced the presenter, and many at home, to fits of giggles 

Viewers of the BBC’s Look North programme were left in stitches last night after weatherman Paul Hudson gave a very surprising answer to the anchor’s question in a ‘Accidental Partridge’ moment as he presented the forecast.

The weatherman was waiting for presenter Peter Levy to hand over to him as the programme drew to a close.

Mr Levy referred to some earlier problems with technical equipment, but the weatherman’s response left both the presenter and viewers at home in fits of giggles.

Handing over to Mr Hudson, the journalist said: ‘At lunchtime, his equipment wasn’t working, is it repaired?’

The weatherman said: ‘Well I think you’ll find my ten-week-old daughter proves there’s nothing wrong with my equipment Peter!’

The incident occurred during the BBC’s Look North programme on Thursday night

As the camera panned back to Mr Levy, viewers saw him dissolve into uncontrollable laughter as he buried his face in his hands. 

‘Well you asked!’, Mr Hudson said. 

While still covering his face as he tried to hold in his laughter, Mr Levy responded: ‘Let’s just have the forecast. I seriously need danger money for doing this programme.’ 

The forecaster apologised, adding ‘I’m off on a tangent there. Let’s have a look at the [weather] headline for the next 24 hours.’ 

Social media users were thrilled with the exchange, with one writing: ‘It’s like watching Morecambe and Wise most nights.’

The forecaster welcomed his third daughter Anya with his partner Kate ten weeks ago, sharing snaps on his Instagram story alongside the family dog, a greyhound named Dave.

Paul Hudson grinned after his off-the-cuff remark reduced the presenter to fits of giggles

Peter Levy laughed so hard he buried his face in his hands and almost went out of shot

Mr Levy (pictured) and Mr Hudson have been friends for around three decades

Shortly after announcing the arrival of the new member of the family, Mr Hudson said: ‘After a monumental sulk at not being the centre of my attention, I’m delighted to report Dave is my friend again.’ 

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He said he feels ‘very, very lucky and fortunate to be a Dad again.’ 

Mr Hudson has previously written a book alongside forecaster Michael Fish called Storm Force. 

He has worked extensively with presenter Peter Levy and the pair have a reputation for banter, having been friends for three decades.

Mr Levy previously told GrimsbyLive: ‘We have been doing banter together for many years and now, it’s part of the programme and part of the tradition.

‘It breaks up the heaviness of the news sometimes.

‘People give him ammunition about me and I receive ammunition about him. It now has a sort of life of its own.’

The duo have previously challenged one another on air with stunts including Mr Levy bringing up stunning pictures of clocks nearly every time his colleague is on hand to provide the latest weather forecast, to Mr Hudson getting his own back on the main presenter by challenging his tie knot abilities.

This is not the first time Mr Levy has been reduced to laughter on air – earlier this year he struggled to complete a segment about a rudely named place – Glory Hole.

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