I bought a teacup Chihuahua but he just kept growing – he’s now double the size | The Sun

A WOMAN who thought she had bought a teacup Chihuahua was stunned when her dog just kept growing.

The pet's transformation, captured by the owner, was shared in a video on social media.

The pet lover, who goes by the name Idubb on TikTok, posted the clip showing pictures of Leo when he first came into the house and then how he looks now.

She revealed snaps of a tiny Leo in the grip of her palm and another where she was feeding the teeny pup.

The TikTok user also said she got the dog from Craiglist – and was told it is a Yorkie-Chihuahua mix.

She was promised the dog would grow to be 7 lbs max.

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But the user then revealed the recent pictures of Leo – and he appears to have grown double the size he was.

In the video, which was captioned: "My chihuahua turned into a horse," the owner of the pet told Leo now weighs a whopping 20 lbs and looks unrecognisable. 

She funnily said: "Nothing teacup about him anymore."

It comes after a woman was stunned when she realised the five adorable puppies she rescued were actually a very different type of animal.

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Animal shelter worker Marina found the pups in a cardboard box "in the middle of nowhere" and brought them back to the shelter.

She originally believed they were Belgian shepherd puppies but she was horrified when the creatures started to look more like foxes.

Marina wrote in a Facebook post: "Until they were two months old, we thought they were little foxes, but as they grew up, we saw that they were a team of little jackals."

The shelter was further able to identify what type of animal the pups were after sharing photos online with fans and followers about their progress, according to Metro. 

While the shelter rescued five, only three ultimately survived – they were named Alfa, Rea, and Kia. 

Another dog owner was shocked to realise the adorable German Shepherd puppy she bought off Craigslist turned out to be something completely different.

The owner who uses the handle @loganalysse wrote: "Brought home a $75 German Shepherd puppy on Craigslist only for her to turn into…a 25 lbs bearded lunatic!"

The clip then shows a closeup of Ivy now that she's grown – and while still adorable, it is clear she is not a German Shepherd.

Logan wrote in the video's caption: "To be fair, they never said how much of a German Shepherd she was…."

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