I won lottery jackpot after picking a scratchcard I saw in a DREAM – it was fate that I’d win | The Sun

A woman from the USA won £82,932 on the lottery after having previously dreamed it would happen.

The lucky player, identified only as "Night Nurse" from Baltimore, Maryland, was headed home from work when she decided to stop at 7-Eleven.

She recently had a dream where she bought a winning instant ticket and purchased a £24.90 Lucky scratch-off and a £4.15 Ravens X5 instant ticket.

The "Night Nurse" and her husband were reportedly planning a family trip at the time, so she claimed she was not able to buy her usual choice of lottery games.

She said: "I just like the fun of it. Of course, you want to win. I never expected to win anything like this."

But after she scratched the Ravens game first and realised it was not a winner, "Night Nurse" stashed it away in order to scan it into her Lottery Rewards account later.


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She then did the same with the other ticket and checked it for a win by scanning it at a nearby self-serve vending machine that told her to take it to the store clerk.

But when the clerk scanned the ticket, he told her to take it home and double-check it again the next morning.

The woman then immediately called her sleeping husband and told him that she thinks she just won a huge amount of money, after which they checked the ticket together.

They were ecstatic when they realised she just scored £82,932, as she matched a winning number.

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The husband reportedly said: "You really did win!"

At lottery headquarters, the couple revealed that the money will come in handy to pay for their daughter's college tuition and get a new car.

Maryland Lottery said: "Picking up a little extra cash as well is her lucky 7-Eleven, which receives a bonus of £830, equal to 1 per cent of the prize.

The Lottery awards the bonus for selling a £82,932 top-prize winning scratch-off.

This game still has 34 £82,932 top prizes remaining along with 19 £4,153 prizes and others ranging from £24.90 to £415.

This comes after one lucky mum won £1million in the EuroMillions jackpot after her husband said he "wasn't gullible" enough to play.

The mega win allowed the couple to start planning their dream wedding.

And 42-year-old Kursat Yildirim won a whopping £8.72million and is now on the hunt for love.

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