Kindergarten worksheet leaves the internet stumped

Kindergarten worksheet that shows a picture of bunnies and asks kids to guess what three-letter word is associated with it leaves the internet stumped. So can YOU guess the answer?

  • A frustrated parent posted on Reddit to try to find the answer to his son’s troublesome homework worksheet 
  • More than 11,000 comments later consensus was an understanding that sometimes these worksheets are hard and misleading 
  • See below if you can figure out the answer to the six-year-old’s assignment 

A confused parent turned to the internet to ask for help with their kindergartener’s homework after being left baffled by a take-home worksheet.

The parents of the young student posted the worksheet on Reddit to consult the masses about the assignment that was meant for a six-year-old.

The homework revolved around the letter T and involved the student writing capital and lowercase versions of the letter before identifying several words based on basic images.

One of the images showed a bathtub, next to which the child had written ‘tub.’ The next image showed the number ten and a spinning top, both of which had also been identified correctly.

The kindergartener’s take home assignment focused on the letter T, but when it came to the final image, the student and his parents were stumped

One user offered up an answer while suggesting that the supposedly simple assignment sheets are sometimes trickier than they seem

But the final image on the sheet showed one large bunny and four baby bunnies, which neither the student nor the parents could figure out how to label.

The reddit user posted to the forum r/mildlyinfuriating and wrote: ‘Son’s kindergarten school work. What 3-4 letter word is this??’

The post garnered more than 11,000 replies, some of which suggested answers, many of which joined in the commiseration of the stumped parent.

One commenter suggested: ‘Has to be pet. These kinds of worksheets try to make the last one more difficult by switching the sound of the letter to the end of the word to try and throw the kid off.’

Another responded, ‘My kids had rabbits as pets and I still wouldn’t have thought of it from that picture.’

‘Yep. As a former teach I’ve been stumped before, but this one is definitely “pet,”‘ wrote a third. ‘Personally, I think it’s confusing and would have gone with “cat.”‘ 

‘That’s my complaint. Not one person in a hundred would look at this picture and immediately think “pet,”‘ wrote yet another astounded commenter.

Does the kindergartener’s workbook exercise stump you?

Some users offered facetious suggestions about what the answer could be

One argued that the image could have been referring to the word ‘kit,’ which is what a baby rabbit is called. Others said that the picture of the fully grown rabbit would throw off that presumption.

Another commenter wrote in jest: ‘My 40yr old brain totally wasn’t outsmarted by a kindergarten workbook page … Nope definitely not.’

Another still just wrote, ‘poor kid.’ And others offered facetious replies, including ‘Trix,’ ‘Tramily,’ and ‘Trabbits.’ 

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