King Charles plots shake-up of Royal Family with bitter snub for Prince Harry

The newly-ascended King of England, Charles III, is set to make some major changes to Royal Family roles and a bitter snub is set for Prince Harry, it's been reported.

King Charles III is apparently set to make changes to the law preventing non-working royals being counsellors of state.

Under new plans, Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice would all become ineligible to stand in for the monarch, with a change up to the 1937 Regency Act outlined by the King.

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The Act states that the spouse of a monarch or the next four adults in line to the throne can act as counsellors of state, filling in for the Monarch should they become indisposed.

That role was filled in for the Queen in her later years by the Prince William, the at-the-time Prince Charles, Prince Harry and Prince Andrew as well as Prince Philip before his death in 2021.

If changes to the Regency Act go ahead, then Prince William would be the only counsellor of state to have also served under the Queen.

It would also mean that Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice would be counsellors as well as non-working royals, something King Charles is likely to change.

It would appear relevant steps are being made to have the law changed as soon as possible, The Telegraph reported.

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Siblings of the King including the Earl of Wessex and Princess Royal are the rumoured likely candidates to fill two of the positions, with wider reformations to royal lineage also expected.

New requirements are to be set out defining what a non-working royal can and cannot do, while also shoring up the expected counsellor positions.

Counsellors of state are rarely called upon, although have been used in the last few years including a state opening of Parliament visit helmed by Prince Charles and Prince William in May.

Parliament would have to pass any legislature change King Charles III hopes to seek.

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