Lisa Wilkinson asks Hilary Clinton how many pantsuits she owns

Awkward moment Lisa Wilkinson asks Hillary Clinton how many pant suits she owns – as the failed presidential candidate opens up about her run-ins with Trump and why she stayed in her marriage

  • Hillary Clinton struggles to count how many of her trademark pant suits she has 
  • Chelsea Clinton said that Donald Trump ‘creepily stalked and menaced’ Hillary 
  • Hillary says deciding to stick with Bill Clinton was gutsy after his affair came out 
  • The pair are promoting a new Apple TV documentary series on gutsy women

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton struggled to count how many of the trademark pant suits the former first lady has in her wardrobe, after being put on the spot by Lisa Wilkinson.

During her time as Secretary of State in the Obama administration and two runs for US president in 2016 and 2020, Hillary has rarely, if ever, been seen wearing anything else.

The Project host on Sunday’s edition asked the former presidential candidate just how many pant suits she actually owns, prompting the high-powered mother and daughter to burst out laughing.

Former first lady and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (left) appeared with daughter Chelsea on Channel 10 show The Project

‘What a great question!’ Chelsea interjected as her mother chuckled.

‘I have no idea,’ Hillary shouted.

‘Ball park, be honest,’ Chelsea insisted.

‘I’m trying, I’m trying, maybe 50, I don’t know,’ Hillary said.

Chelsea and Hillary then agreed it was ‘a lot’.

The pair were appearing on the Aussie TV show to promote their new Apple TV documentary series Gutsy, which features stories of strong women.

While there will be many lesser known interviewees, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Amy Schumer, Megan Thee Stallion and Kate Hudson will also be featured.

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton struggled to count how many of her trademark pant suits the former first lady has in an interview on Australian TV after being put on the spot by Lisa Wilkinson (pictured)

Chelsea Clinton said that when her family was in the White House she often sensed a threat of violence

The series grew out of the 2019 published work The Book of Gutsy Women, which was authored by Hillary and Clinton.

Asked what was gutsiest about her mother Chelsea said she was especially impressed by Hillary’s ‘calm unflappable demeanour’ while Donald Trump ‘was creepily stalking her and menacing her from the stage’ during a debate.

Hillary wrote in her 2016 campaign memoir What Happened that Mr Trump ‘made her skin crawl’ as he stalked closely behind her during the October 9 debate between the two candidates.

She also said that during Bill Clinton’s presidency from 1992 to 2000 she had sensed the threat of violence directed at the family, although she personally felt safe.

Chelsea Clinton said Donald Trump was ‘creepily’ stalking and ‘menacing’ her mother Hillary during a presidential debate in 2016

‘A healthy functioning democracy is incompatible with a threat of an ongoing threat of violence,’ Chelsea said.

When asked by Wilkinson if standing by Bill after his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky was revealed in 1998 was her gutsiest decision Hillary indicated it was. 

‘I had to make the choice that was right for me and I did,’ she said.

‘I have no regrets but it was gutsy because I was in the centre of this global stage trying to make the right decision and I had to listen to myself because everybody else had an opinion.’ 

In a segment after the interview Wilkinson revealed why the Hillary always wore pant suits.       

‘Early on in her public life she was wearing a skirt suit and a photographer disgustingly took an upskirt photo of her and that ended up in a lingerie ad campaign in Brazil,’ Wilkinson said. 

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton have made a documentary series called Gutsy for Apple TV

‘From that moment Secretary Clinton made the decision I am doing pantsuits for ever and ever, amen.’

The incident occurred during a presidential trip to Brazil in 1995 where the photo was taken while Hillary sat on a couch.

Even though Hillary thought the shot showed her legs together the Brazilian lingerie company DuLoren ran the image with the words: ‘A tribute to one of the most important women of the decade.’

After the US embassy complained the ads were stopped. 

Wilkinson was not convinced by Hillary’s estimate of having 50 pantsuits. 

‘Usually when a women comes up with a number of how many things she’s got in a wardrobe it’s a bit like me telling my husband that I’ve got five pairs of shoes,’ she said to a laughing panel. 

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